KDF Recruit Arrested Over Ksh300 Mark

  • Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) during a past recruitment in 2019
    Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) during a past recruitment in 2019.
  •  A Kenya Defence Force (KDF) recruit was on Thursday, February 18, arrested for allegedly inscribing Ksh300 mark on the inside of his foot with intention to bribe officers.

    Police Officers in Kisumu made the arrest alleging that the suspect intended to pay (the inscribed amount) to the recruiting officers to secure a job. 

    The man had gone to try his luck during the recruitment exercise held in Kombewa in Seme Sub-County, Kisumu County.

    A KDF recruitment exercise
    A KDF recruitment exercise

    He was, however, arrested after he appeared for the recruitment exercise with the mark written under his foot, and which the recruitment officer said he was willing to pay to secure the job.

    Police officers also confirmed that the recruit was accompanied by his mother, who was also arrested. 

    The recruit will be charged with attempted bribery. 

    The intended bribery amount in today's arrest is the lowest ever witnessed in the ongoing recruitment process. On Monday, February 8, two recruits were arrested with over ksh500,000 trying to bribe KDF recruitment officers. 

    Samuel Ongeri and Josephine Osebe were arrested at the entrance of Menyenye SDA primary in Nyamira County with Ksh206,000 and Ksh 302,000 respectively. 

    The KDF recruitment exercise has elicited debate with senators expressing concerns over what they termed as intentional favouritism during the exercise.

    Narok Senator Ledama Olekina on Wednesday, February 7, argued that corruption during the exercise was resulting in public resources waste.

    "Whenever there's a recruitment drive, people allege that they pay bribes from Ksh300,000 with some senior officers demanding up to Ksh700,000 to enlist recruits into the military,” Ledama said.

    Bomet Senator Christopher Langat echoed Ledama’s sentiment saying that he received a message from an orphan saying he was rejected because he did not have the Ksh400,000 needed by the recruiting officers. 

    The senators urged the government to find a way of making the process favourable for everyone. 

    A KDF soldier conducting a recruitment exercise
    A KDF soldier conducting a recruitment exercise