63 Senior Police Officers Sacked Including AP Spokesperson

  • The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has released a list of officers found unfit to hold office after a vetting process that uncovered massive corruption in the police service was conducted.

    The Commission led by Johnstone Kavuludi, on Thursday axed 63 Senior officers including Administration Police Spokesperson Masuod Mwinyi from the police service owing to various offences.

    The officers were dismissed on grounds of human rights violation, graft cases, forgery of academic papers among other reasons.

    Among those in the list include 28 Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), 32 Superintendent Police (SP) and 3 Assistant Superintendent  of Police (ASP).

    29 officers among those vetted still have their cases pending before the investigating board.

    Out of the 1364 officers probed, 1272 were cleared by the Police Commission which announced that traffic officers were next on the list to be vetted.

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