EBRU TV’s Dating Show Pushed Me to Depression-Participant

Blogger and Comedian Kim Koima posing for a photo
Blogger and Comedian Kim Koima posing for a photo

A participant in Ebru TV’s dating show ‘Closure’, Kim Koima opened up saying that his participation in the show led him to depression.

Koima’s video during the show went viral after he was ridiculed by a female participant whom he was supposed to be pursuing.

People started trolling him after seeing the video, since the show was advertised as a reality show while in fact, it was staged. 

This got to him and he was depressed. At the time he was battling being broke and some academic issues, hence the situation hit even harder.

“Suddenly, I was famous but very broke! People used to stop me in town...this got to me a little and the depression really harassed me,” said Koima.

A graphic depicting person suffering from depression
A graphic depicting person suffering from depression.

He said that the news of his video trending got to him really fast as friends contacted him on the same.

The comedian and blogger revealed that the show was scripted, therefore he was just acting and nothing on the show portrayed his real life.

“The show is scripted and I was paid to act, nothing that we talked about is true,in fact, I met that girl on set where we were given the script,” Koima said

Koima said that he managed to fight the depression with the help of his brother.

 In a report released by the World Health Organization (WHO) in July 2019, Kenya was placed as the sixth most depressed country in Africa. The report indicated that men in Kenya are the most affected by depression.

It also pointed out that depression is a common mental disorder that goes undetected as most people do not know its symptoms.

Depression is characterized by persistent sadness and loss of interest in activities among others. It can be caused by age, gender, loss or death of a loved one, abuse, genes, certain medications, or major happenings in one’s life.

A file image of Nairobi residents at Jivanjee Gardens
A file image of Nairobi residents at Jeevanjee Gardens.
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