Renowned Nairobi Gold Trader Dies

  • Gold rings by Nagin Pattni jewelry shop
    Gold rings by Nagin Pattni jewelry shop
  • Renowned Nairobi jeweler Shri Nagindas Gordhandas Challa has died at the age of 83.

    Nagindas was the founder of the jewelry firm Nagin Pattni, and a specialist in real yellow gold and silver rings.

    The company issued a statement on Saturday, March 27, revealing that the master jeweler had died in Nairobi on March 26.

    "He started and built up the firm to where it is today through honesty and hard work, we thank all our friends' colleagues, and customers who have supported him over the years and pray you to continue to do so. We will endeavor to uphold all his values and continue in the way he taught us," the company stated.

    Shri Nagindas Gordhandas Challa has died at the age of 83.
    Shri Nagindas Gordhandas Challa died at the age of 83.
    Nagin Pattni

    Nagin Pattni began operation in Nairobi in 1969, a job the businessman and founder loved.

    "We supply quality and wedding/engagement rings and international watch brands. We also specialize in the supply and printing of a quality range of Wedding Cards, fancy board paper," the company describes itself.

    In a previous interview, Nagindas stated that the wedding rings held the most value for a couple on their wedding day.

    "A wedding is a big occasion for the couple. For the bride, it is a milestone and the ring slipping down her finger means everything.

    "She may forget other aspects of the ceremony, but the ring is a constant reminder that there was a wedding," he stated in a 2009 interview.

    He was also of the opinion that the rings should not be limited to marriages, adding that they can be a symbol of love and taste for the holders.

    "The ring gives one status and identity. Authentic materials like pure gold or silver are best - an authentic gold ring can last up to 600 years and is a perfect mirror for well-nurtured love. Gold never rusts, it never fades and it does not cause allergies," he stated.

    He went on to add more stores from the Nairobi CBD ones at River Road and Kaunda Street to setting shop at Thika Road Mall and Lavington Mall.

    Nagin Pattni Jewerly store at Thika Road Mall in Nairobi.
    Nagin Pattni Jewelry store at Thika Road Mall in Nairobi.