EXCLUSIVE: DJ Joe Mfalme Speaks Out After Homeboyz Exit

  • DJ Joe Mfalme photographed at Kenyans.co.ke offices in Westlands in 2019
    DJ Joe Mfalme photographed at Kenyans.co.ke offices in Westlands, Nairobi, in 2019.
  • When you fall down, dust yourself up and keep moving seems to be a new mantra that Joseph Mwenda, popularly known as DJ Joe Mfalme has adopted.

    In an exclusive interview with Kenyans.co.ke, the beloved DJ noted that he had been busy at work since leaving Homeboyz radio on Saturday, March 27, 2021.

    While expressing remorse for what transpired, Mfalme noted that his mixtapes business was still booming and that he had resorted to mostly working behind the scenes on TV shows.

    "I am working at Maisha Magic and K24 TV and I am continuing with my mixtapes. At K24 TV, I work as a producer for a couple of shows there. Sometimes I make guest appearances on the morning show.

    DJ Joe Mfalme during a previous gig
    DJ Joe Mfalme during a previous gig.

    "I produce Playlist and Countdown shows on K24 TV and on Maisha Magic, I wok on the Turn Up show," he confided in this writer.

    Mfalme left Homeboyz radio alongside Shaffie Weru and Neville Muysa after the station found the trio’s comments on one of the morning shows as 'an egregious breach of the company’s editorial policies.'

    The DJ has since issued an apology in which he admitted wrongdoing following his comments about a woman who had been pushed off from the ninth floor of a building.

    "I realize that my statements and contribution about the unfortunate incident that happened to Eunice were totally wrong and could be interpreted by some as encouraging especially at a time when we need to stand up against any form of Gender-Based Violence against women," read part of his apology.

    Today, he says that he feels the same remorse and that he has talked to his clients regarding the development and his businesses were not immensely affected.

    "You know, after you do an apology, I mean, everybody deserves a second chance. After a slip of the tongue, you issue an apology and wait for forgiveness, there is not much you can do however remorseful you are," he added.

    When asked whether he would consider suing his former employer, Mfalme failed to comment noting that it is a private matter whose decision he would make on his own.

    His former co-star Shaffie Weru has already issued a demand letter to Homeboyz parent company Radio Africa Group.

    He is seeking one month’s salary in lieu of notice amounting to Ksh682,500, 12 months’ salary for unfair termination amounting to Ksh8,190,000, and gratuity (one month for every year of service) amounting to Ksh12,285,000.

    Radio Africa is planning to countersue him for Ksh150 million.

    Joseph Munoru (DJ Mfalme) ,Neville Muysa and Shaffie Weru at Homeboyz Radio.