Eric Omondi, Other Celebrities Help Raise Ksh7.3M for Ailing Baby

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    Comedian Eric Omondi poses for a photo in 2019
  • Kenyan celebrities are among individuals who helped raise Ksh7.3 million for ailing 14-month-old Ayah Lundt, who is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

    In a 24-hour Instagram marathon, the celebrities led by comedian Eric Omondi, MC Jessy, Ofweneke, pastor Robert Burale, media personalities Pinky Ghelani and Betty Kyalo rallied their supporters to contribute towards the treatment of the baby.

    One by one, they hosted the live sessions while calling upon their fans to support the family of the little girl.

    Ayah Lundt on Oxygen supply after being diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) in November 2020

    "If we don’t become a part of this she will not get help, the more Ayah grows older the more the muscles deteriorate, we are rushing against time, we are at 127million. We cannot slow down, we have to give to save little ayah and secure her health," Omondi stated.

    On his part, MC Jesse told that each of the celebrities raised a certain amount of money from rallying their fans online. He, however, indicated that the family still needed help to get to the required amount.

    "We believe we hit the target that we wanted to get because each of the celebrities was being given time to rally his or her supporters to contribute at least Ksh100. So, if 4,000 people raise Ksh100, that is like Ksh400,000," Jessy stated.

    SMA is a rare genetic disease that affects the central nervous system, voluntary skeletal muscle movement, and the peripheral nervous system (the connection between the central nervous system and the rest of the body). 

    The disease affects basic motor functions such as walking, hand movements and feeding. After progression, the patients lose the ability to swallow, breathe and eventually die, mostly when they turn two years old. 

    Baby Ayah was diagnosed with the disease in November 2020 when she was just nine months old. The family is hoping to raise enough money to cater for the world's most expensive drug which costs Ksh230 million.

    Her story was aired on International broadcaster CNN, helping Baby Ayah's mother Mary Mithika and father Frank Lundt raise Ksh108.9 million.

    The drug being sought after, Zolgensma, does not reportedly guarantee cure. Even though she may receive the life-saving treatment, her mother believes that she may remain disabled for the rest of her life. 

    "We were so excited about having another princess. She is perfect. She has always been such a happy child, even now with all this going on," Mithika said.

    The couple still needs more money to purchase the drug.

    14 months old Ayah Lundt and her Kenyan mother Mary Mithika in Denmark