CCTV Captures Woman Stealing From a Nairobi Shop

The robbery incident caught on camera
The robbery incident caught on camera

CCTV footage has emerged showing a woman posing as a customer stealing from a shop in Nairobi while the attendant was at the clothes stall.

The incident, which is reported to have occurred in the busy Eastleigh area, happened during the day

In a clip seen by, the shop attendant is seemingly distracted by the woman who looks like she was interested in a particular dress, making the attendant turn her back against a small table where she had placed her bag and other valuables.

The woman walks into the stall and strategically places herself next to the table with her body blocking the view from outside.

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She is seen reaching into the bag and after a few seconds, she is able to remove a device which appears to be a phone.

The attendant still has her back on the woman who glances at the outside to make sure she is not spotted by any passersby. 

A resident who is privy to the incident that occurred on April 9, told this writer that, the locals and security officials in the area were able to trace the woman.

"We cornered her and she had been arrested for her crime," the resident stated noting that the CCTV footage played a big role in ensuring they got the right suspect. 

Other robbery incidences have been caught on camera with the assailants committing the crime in a noncholant maner.

On April 9, CCTV cameras captured a gang of five members break into the shop in Mombasa.

The gang stole assorted goods including bales of flour, milk and electronics wiping the entire place clean.

Initial police investigations revealed that the thugs used a lorry to empty the shop in an exercise believed to have lasted for at least two hours.

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