Kenya Power Explains Power Outage in Five Counties 

Kenya Power engineers carry out repairs at a power sub-station in Mombasa County in 2018

UPDATE: Kenya Power has managed to restore power supply to Mombasa, Kwale, Tana River and Lamu counties.

However, the company advised residents of Kilifi to remain patient as they worked to restore power in the county.

"We have managed to isolate a section of rabai Substation that was damaged in today's mid-morning fire incident. We would like to request our customers in kilifi to bear with us as we work to restore normalcy at the earliest opportunity," they stated.

Kenya Power has released a statement explaining that the power outage in five counties in the coast region was caused by a fire incident at the Rabai Substation in Mombasa on Saturday, April 17.

The outage affected Mombasa, Kilifi, Kwale, Tana River and Lamu counties.

Kenya Power added that it's engineers were working round the clock to restore power in the counties. 

Kenya Power and Lighting Company engineers load a transformer onto a lorry.
Kenya Power and Lighting Company engineers load a transformer onto a lorry.

"The fire has since been contained and our engineers on-site to access the extent of the damage, and restore normal electricity supply as soon as possible," they stated in a press statement.

The utility company provided support contacts if the public required more information regarding the incident, 3201622/39/47.

The electricity distributor had also, on April 13, explained power outages countrywide saying strong winds that accompany heavy rainfall cause trees to fall on power lines which disrupt power supply.

They further stated that wet branches that touch power lines create short circuits which cause excessive current to flow and burn out power lines, causing outages.

They subsequently warned Kenyans against cutting down trees that are close to power lines to reduce the risk of electrocution.

Kenya Power usually takes up the responsibility of cutting down trees and pruning branches that are likely to distract power lines.

Kenyans are advised to take precautions whenever there is a power outage so as to avoid damage to equipment and also protect themselves from accidental fires.

All tools, appliances and home electronic equipment should be turned off, and once power is restored, used sparingly during the first few hours to prevent system overload.

An engineer fixing a power line
An engineer fixing a power line
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