Kenya Power Announces Blackout in 10 Counties

  • Kenya Power and Lighting Company engineers load a transformer into a lorry.
    Kenya Power and Lighting Company engineers load a transformer into a lorry.
  • Residents in ten counties should brace themselves for a day of blackout after Kenya Power announced a planned outage on Wednesday, June 24.

    In a notice on Tuesday, June 23, the electricity supplier announced that select areas would be affected across the country.

    A representative from the company confirmed to that it was a normal/routine scheduled maintenance programme and the power would only affect specific areas.

    "It is necessary to interrupt supply periodically in order to facilitate maintenance and upgrade of power lines to the network; to connect new customers or to replace power lines during road construction," a statement from Kenya Power read.

    According to the agency, the blackouts will commence at different times per location, from between 8 - 9 a.m. up to between 4 - 5 p.m.

    The counties that will be affected are Nairobi, Nyandarua, Nyeri, Murang'a, Uasin Gishu, Elgeyo Marakwet, Kisii, Migori, Mombasa and Kilifi.

    Kenya Power workers repair a transformer on the Meru-Makutano road on March 28, 2016.
    Kenya Power workers repair a transformer on the Meru-Makutano road on March 28, 2016.
    Daily Nation

    In Nairobi County, the planned blackout will affect the Runda area with parts of Rosslyn Estate affected.

    As for Nyandarua County, targetted areas are the Whole of Mawingo, Tigoni, Machinery, Miharati, Manunga Girls, Mubao, Foothills Academy and adjacent customers.

    Nyeri county: Karindundu Coffee factory area with Kirimara High Sch, Mutoi, Ndima-Ini C/Fact, Mukangu Mkt, Mukangu Dispensary, Kirigu C/Fact, Mungetho Mkt, Kieni C/Fact, Ihiga Village, Kangumo-Ini C/Fact, Gatina C/Fact, Munengere, Gaturiri C/Fact, Kiamabara C/Fact also affected.

    Also in the county is Makutano, Tabere Concrete, Makutano, Celltel, Artlatis Concretes, Tabere Concretes and adjacent customers.

    Murang'a county, Kandara Constituency will have a blackout with the specific areas pointed out as Kandara Mkt, Kandara Hosp, Mutitu Sec, Gakui Sec, Gakui C/Fact, St. Charles Lwanga, Gatitu Sec, Kenyoho Sec, Kangunduini, Gaichanjiru, Githunguri Girls, Kariua, Matheraini, Turuturu, Karugia and adjacent customers.

    Two areas in Uasin Gishu County will be affected: Elgon View, Reale Hospital, National Housing, Testimony Sch, Sosiani Breeze Hotel and adjacent customers.

    Tarakwa, Kipsomba, Tarakwa Market, Tarakwa Dispensary, Tatakwa Cooling Plant, Sinendet Centre, Kipsomba Pri School and adjacent customers.

    Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kapchelal, Kapkei, Kapchelal Mkt, Kamok, Kapkei Polytechnic, Siroch, Kaptum Market and Dispensary, Kangoo Market, Kibendo Market and Dispensary, Nyalil, Kiboi and adjacent customers.

    Kisii County: Rioma, Mbanda, Sogombo, Marani Market, Rioma Market, Rioma, Mbanda, Marani DO’s Office, Sogombo T/Fact, Owalo and adjacent customers.

    Migori County: Alara, Osingo, Arudo, Alara Centre, Siling Pri, Arudo Sec, Osingo Sec & Mkt & adjacent customers.

    Mombasa County: part of Mombasa Island, Cool Breeze Restaurant, Technical University of Mombasa, Rasini Road, Kiziwi, Tudor Water Sports, Tudor Mwisho, Winners Chapel, Kaa Chonjo, Simba Colt, PCEA Church Makupa & adjacent customers.

    Kilifi County: Mnarani, Mnarani Club, Kilifi Plantation, Mavueni, Bahari Girls, Takaungu Centre, Takaungu Kibaoni, Vuma, Mombasa Cement Staff Qtrs, Vipingo Shauri Moyo, Makata, Pinglikani, Chonyi, Dzitson, Chasimba, Jaribuni.

    Still in Kilifi, Garsen, Malindi Salt, Krystalline Salt, Malindi Salt, Gongoni, Mjanaheri, Marafa, Garashi, Goshi, Mwembe Resort, Kaembeni, Fundisa, Adu, Ramada, Marerereni, Ganda, Mere and adjacent customers.

    How to prepare

    It is advisable for those who's areas have been announced to have a blackout to be prepared. Common measures to take include, charging your phone to full charge before the power is switched off and also have alternative charging methods for example a power bank.

    File image of Kenya Power electricians at work
    File image of Kenya Power electricians at work

    When it comes to the food department, keep the freezer/fridge door closed for as long as possible to preserve freshness for longer. You may want to plan for food that may go bad; you can, for example, warm it prior and eat it before it goes bad.

    Prepare for power surges by unplugging and switching off everything in your home during a blackout.

    Also, have ready light sources, for example, flashlights, candles, and paraffin lamps on stand by in case the blackout lasts into the night.