Exclusive: Catherine Kasavuli Set to Make TV Comeback

  • Veteran news anchor Catherine Kasavuli
    Veteran news anchor Catherine Kasavuli
  • Veteran TV anchor Catherine Kasavuli is among media personalities who are set to make a come back at the Kenya Broadcasting Co-oporation (KBC) once the station is re-launched.

    Multiple sources at the station told Kenyans.co.ke that other anchors such as Pauline Sheghu, Badi Mukhsin and Harith Salim will make a come back in mainstream media to anchor prime-time news.

    "The legends will be anchoring prime time news on the weekends while the rest will be working on the weekdays," an insider stated.

    A file image of Veteran journalist Badi Muhsin
    A file image of Veteran journalist Badi Muhsin

    KBC MD Naim Bilal remained guarded about the details of the plan but he acknowledged that some of the veteran anchors would be returning to the station.

    "We have a re-launch process that is currently in place. It would be prejudicial to our interests to disclose the details of that strategy at the moment. The details will become clear very soon," he stated.

    "We have been talking to various people in terms of anchors and others in the news business, we haven't quite settled on specific names but all I could say is that our options remain quite open and wide but it will become clearer with time," he added.

    Sources at the station intimated that some of the current news anchors would work on other news bulletins or become reporters.

    "The veteran anchors have been doing recordings since last month. I don't think anyone will be fired, they will just work on other bulletins," another source told this writer.

    Kasavuli has worked at Citizen TV, KBC and KTN. She also boasts of being the first female news anchor in the country.

    Muhsin previously served at KBC, having read the news during Moi's era, between 1980 and 2002.

    In November 2020, Kenyans.co.ke reported that Shegu, who is set to make a comeback, opted to switch her career path into the corporate world where she joined the Geothermal Development Corporation (GDC).

    She is one of the most celebrated anchors who worked at KBC, revered for her command in the Kiswahili.

    The re-launch took place a month after Standard Media Group unveiled a multi-million newsroom and re-organised the editorial department as part of the media houses' digital transformation plan. 

    Pauline Sheghu (right) with Veteran KBC Anchor Badi Muhsin (left)
    Pauline Sheghu (right) with Veteran KBC Anchor Badi Muhsin (left)