Watch Farida Karoney Correct NTV Anchor During Live Interview

  • Lands CS Farida Karoney (left) with NTV anchor Salim Swaleh (right) in
    Lands CS Farida Karoney (left) with NTV anchor Salim Swaleh (right) during an interview on May 3, 2021.
  • Land CS Farida Karoney on Monday, May 3, interacted with her former employee Salim Swaleh during an interview on NTV where she corrected the anchor on the issue of women leadership in the country.

    Speaking during the interview segment Kigoda Chako, Salim who worked under Karoney during his tenure as Citizen TV, remarked that women were taking over leadership positions in the country at a fast rate while referencing the recent nomination of Justice Martha Koome as the Chief Justice.

    "You have also taken up the senior-most role in the Ministry of Lands which has for a long time been seen as reserved for men. With the number of women taking up the roles, wouldn't you say there is a new wave," he asked.

    CS Farida Karoney (left) with NTV anchor Salim Swaleh (right)
    CS Farida Karoney (left) with NTV anchor Salim Swaleh (right) on May 3, 2021.

    Responding to his question, Karoney expressed her disagreement with the statement noting that gender equality in the post was not sufficiently addressed in the country.

    "I do not know why you are saying we are taking up the leadership roles faster. 50% of the population in the country are women. As a matter of fact, we are behind schedule," she explained.

    Karoney added that the senior roles in all sectors should reflect the population of women including, the corporate sector, in the media houses, cabinet as well as parliament.

    "Women work hard and have a sixth sense when it comes to leadership roles. So we should be represented in all sectors of the economy," she stated.

    The two engaged in banter during the interview with Swaleh taking note that he was expecting some professional criticism in how he handled the interview.

    "I am expecting you to give pointers on how I handle I should handle the interview including telling me the introduction into the segment was too long," he observed.

    Karoney responded to the sentiments, "Like the studio is too hot."

    Here is the video:

    Karoney had earlier in April made a visit to Royal Media Services to speak on land digitisation and left the staff feeling nervous when she appeared for an interview on the JKLive show.

    Immediately after the interview begun, JKLive show host Jeff Koinange noted that the RMS workers were a bit nervous and at their best behaviour.