Kenyans React as Obama Mourns His Dog

  • Former US President Barrack Obama bonding with his family dog Bo.
    Former US President Barrack Obama bonding with his family dog Bo.
  • Former US President Barrack Obama has attracted a reaction from Kenyans after mourning the death of his family dog named Bo.

    In the heartfelt tribute shared on Saturday, May 8, Obama mourned the dog as 'a constant, gentle presence in our lives—happy to see us on our good days, our bad days, and everyday in between.'

    He further noted that the family had spent 12 years with carnivorous animal.

    "He tolerated all the fuss that came with being in the White House, had a big bark but no bite, loved to jump in the pool in the summer, was unflappable with children, lived for scraps around the dinner table, and had great hair.

    Former Barrack Obama's family dog named Bo
    Former Barrack Obama's family dog named Bo.

    "He was exactly what we needed and more than we ever expected. We will miss him dearly," noted Obama.

    The news of Bo's passing attracted condolences from around the world as people of all walks of life paid tributes to the former first dog. 

    In their typical fashion, Kenyans joined the former first family in their predicament but some joined with ulterior motives of politicising and humourising the situation. 

    A section of comical Kenyans castigated individuals who offered condolence messages to the first family arguing that the death of a dog does not hold as much weight as that of a human being.

    "There is even a WhatsApp group collecting condolence money for the death of Obama's dog," wondered one user.

    Others faulted the former US President for not issuing a similar public message when his stepmom, Kezia Obama, died last month. 

    "This condolence messages to Obama's dog is longer than what he would write for a human being. When our dogs die, we shrug off and move on," stated Ouma Ouma.

    Other users, however, observed that a dog had sentimental value to humans especially in the case of the Obama family who had lived with the pet for 12 years.

    "Those castigating President Obama for mourning his family dog Bo are missing the point. In the West unlike here in Kenya, pets are ranked high above men.

    "It is in order for B.O. to mourn Bo," observed Philip Etale.

    "Very very sad to lose a friend, partner and a great companion, rest in peace," mourned Evans Pilisi.

    A 2015 study ranked dogs as best friends to human beings due to a rush in a hormone called oxytocin which is responsible for maternal caring, when they look into each other’s eyes.

    The scientists who were based in Japan, in the study, found that the hormone rose in both parties, especially pet owners when the dogs looked in their eyes.

    The same hormone grows in the mothers' eyes when they look into the eyes of their children.

    The Obama family on April 21, 2019.
    The Obama family on April 21, 2019.