Surprising Jobs That Pay Kenyans Well Abroad

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A report by the World Bank indicates that top destinations for Kenyan emigrants include the; United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands.

Kenyans who migrate to the Countries do so for various reasons with one of the most common being the search for better career opportunities in terms of  higher salaries and better benefits.

Latest statistics from the Central Bank of Kenya show that Kenyans living abroad sent home Ksh31.5 billion ($290.8) in March 2021. This grew by 27% from Ksh24.8 billion ($228.8 million) which was sent in 2020.

Below are some of the blue collar jobs abroad where Kenyans in diaspora are minting money;

1.) Nursing

The nursing profession is one that is highly paid in Countries such as the United States and Australia. A section of Kenyans have taken up the profession in these Countries and in turn earn good money.

An example of one such Kenyan is, Veronicah Mumira, a nurse in Australia who left the Country at the age of 20 to seek greener pastures.

20 years later, she has built a multi-million apartment in Mombasa without any bank loans.

Veronicah Mumira, the owner of Georgia luxury apartments
Veronicah Mumira, the owner of Georgia luxury apartments

2.) Cleaners

Some of the Kenyans who seek opportunities abroad start with cleaning jobs. 

While it may not sound like an ideal opportunity, an individual can make up to 500 dollars (Ksh53,520) in just hours from cleaning about five residential houses.

3.) Care for people living with disabilities

Support of individuals living with disabilities is also a profession that Kenyans in diaspora take.

In some Countries, the care is divided into two; helping those with physical and intellectual disabilities, autism or those of old age.

Loise Wangari, a support coordinator at Ability WA has risen up the ranks in her company through her hard work and help to people living with disabilities in Australia.

In her current position, she liaises with various stakeholders to see that their needs and funding to support them are met.

"I started my career journey as a disability support worker in 2015. My role was to support people with disability to live to the fullest and give them equal opportunities like  everyone else. 

"As a support worker, you assist them in achieving their goals and realizing their strengths and abilities. I'm now a support coordinator at Ability WA," she told

4.) Waitresses/Waiters

In addition to their minimum wage, these category of people earn a lot from the tips that they get from their customers.

"I worked with people who were going to offices during the day and were waitresses at night. Some of them told me that they make an equivalent of money from the job," a youtuber who owns Milele Immigration Services in Canada stated.

A waiter in the line of duty
A waiter in the line of duty

5.) Hairdressing

Due to the texture of Africans hair, some caucasians are not able to dress it and Africans have come up with salons in some of the Countries abroad to help their own.

 They have also learnt to dress other hair types hence minting money from the lucrative business.

"Finding someone who can dress African hair is a hurdle and can be very expensive so Africans who know how to braid hair do it at a cheaper price," a woman living in Canada stated.

6.) Electricians, Plumbers and Mechanics

While the jobs may not pay so well in Kenya, the the above individuals make a lot of money in Countries abroad.

Electricians are employed in the construction sectors .