Amazon Web Worker: Millions Missing as Money App is Deleted

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A section of Kenyans who had invested their money in an online App known as Amazon Web Worker is a worried lot after the App was deleted from the Google Play store without any official communication.

At the time the App went down hundreds of Kenyans who had set up accounts and even referred their families and friends to join with the promise of making money online, had varying amounts in the system which they could not access.

One person had invested Ksh10,000 while another put in Ksh50,000 and others depositing up to Ksh300,000 in the app.

The amount of investment varied with the subscription packages on offer. People who signed up could earn by completing tasks as well as referring others to the platform.

A screenshot of the Amazon Web Worker App. that has since been deleted.
A screenshot of the Amazon Web Worker App that has since been deleted.

Many were lured with different investment options on the app offering returns of up to 38.5% for a deposit of seven days.

The App is not affiliated with the international retailer Amazon which lists all its affiliates on its website and the apps are created by Amazon Mobile LLC.

Additional the website that hosted the platform is no longer online neither is the Facebook or the Twitter page.

"Amazon is a gone case, I'm in a group and all officials have left and blocked everything. We have been left with nothing," a user of the platform posted

Others took loans to invest in the app much to their surprise when they could not access their accounts.

"My Ksh 21,000 is gone. I joined after taking a loan and subscribed to level 5. I have lost all my money and I do not know where to begin," another victim exclaimed.

In another instance, a user recommended family members to join after investing Ksh50,000.

"I put in Ksh50,000 and I had registered all the family members including my parents who are now on my neck on where their money went," a Facebook user lamented.

There is still no communication from police or government authorities over the complaints by Kenyans online.

Warning signs of a possible online scam

The Central Bank of Kenya has in the past issued warnings over the various pyramid and ponzi schemes that are perpetuated online.

CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge speaking during a press conference on March 30, 2021
CBK Governor Patrick Njoroge speaking during a press conference on March 30, 2021

Such schemes offer a high return at no risk whatsoever if you invest in a particular scheme.

Other warning signs to look out for is a promise of higher returns the more people you recruit into your investment scheme.

Being asked to invest in an institution or scheme which is neither regulated nor registered with a regulatory body.

The pressure to make an investment decision because the opportunity will close, or because the first investors made much higher returns than later investors.

Being asked to invest in a scheme whose details of the owners are murky, or unclear.

What you should do in case you are a victim of fraud

In the unfortunate case that you fall victim to a fraudster, ensure you do the following:

If you shared personal banking details, inform your bank immediately. Change the passwords to your online accounts immediately.

Report the fraud to the police.

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