KDF Speaks on New Mass Recruitment

  • A previous KDF recruitment exercise
    A previous KDF Recruitment exercise
  • The Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) has warned the public to be wary of a new recruitment scam that is claiming to be replacing recruits who were selected in an earlier process.

    In a statement, the force stated that no such exercise was taking place in any part of the country following the conclusion of a recent recruitment exercise in March 2021.

    "The public is hereby informed that KDF is not recruiting. There is no such thing as replacement or connections. Beware of tricks by conmen and women and continue to expose them," KDF declared.

    According to the disowned announcement that had made rounds on social media, the force was alleged to have been seeking to replace 231 recruits from the recent exercise.

    A previous KDF recruitment exercise
    A previous KDF recruitment exercise
    Sammy Omingo

    The schemers alleged that the recruits had been dismissed for failing on medical grounds.

    To get a letter to join the Moi Barracks Recruits Training School in Eldoret, one is asked to remit Ksh250,000 which can be paid in installments after making an initial deposit.

    After which one will get a  letter to head into the school without evaluation as is the process during the genuine recruitment exercises.

    During the mass recruitment exercises which are held in sub-counties throughout the country, the KDF issues an announcement on local publications and on their official channels.

    Some Kenyans, however, find themselves falling for scams to join the force through dubious schemes and false promises to guarantee a spot.

    The scams continue up to the reporting stage where some youth present fake documents of admission.

    During the reporting date in April, more than 50 people were arrested for masquerading as recruits by submitting fake calling letters to join the service.

    "The ones who were nabbed were from different parts of the country. It is likely we will catch more as they continue reporting," Chief recruiting officer Brigadier Peter Muteti stated while confirming the arrests.

    The recruitment exercise has been marred by bribery allegations with one having to pay as much as Ksh500,000 with the hope of getting a spot.

    A KDF recruitment exercise
    A KDF recruitment exercise