Growing Insecurity Along Southern Bypass Raises Concern

  • A file image of the Nairobi Southern By-pass
    An undated image of the Nairobi Southern By-pass.
  • A section of Kenyans has lamented on the growing insecurity cases along the Southern Bypass in Nairobi County.

    In a series of posts on social media, netizens have shared horrific experiences they went through when their vehicles got mechanical issues along the road.

    "I got robbed at gunpoint along the Southern bypass at 11am. I had my babies in my vehicle when it all happened. I had a flat tyre, I tried calling for help but it was so bad so I had to call for help," one netizen with the moniker Afrostreet Kollektions explained.

    A picture of the Langata Road, Southern Bypass Interchange.
    A picture of the Langata Road, Southern Bypass Interchange.

    As she was waiting for help, an armed man approached her and demanded that she opens the door.

    "I hesitated, thought of driving off and that's when three of them came from nowhere trying to break the windows of the car with stones. I was so scared I opened and they took everything," she added.

    Her story was backed up by Robison Oduor who witnessed a similar situation on the bypass.

    "This car on a red KG plate was in front of us as we left M Road into the bypass. Not too long onto the bypass, we see a car stopping and blocking its way.

    "Within a short time, four gunmen walked out ...the driver in the blocked car is ordered to get out with hands up...I have no other information afterwards but I believe the worst happened," he stated.

    Speaking to, Lang'ata OCPD Benjamin Mwanthi indicated that the station had last week reported two robbery incidents. 

    He disclosed that the suspected thugs had been traced by police dogs and were arrested.

    "Three of them were positively identified and then we took them to court yesterday. We have been given ten days to have them around so that if there was anybody else who was assaulted within that period to come and identify as well," Mwanthi stated.

    One of the victims who underwent the traumatic experience advises motorists to always check their mirrors and avoid using the road during off-peak hours.

    Additionally, she cautioned motorists against making a stop even when anyone starts chasing after their vehicle.

    An undated image of a police vehicle at a scene of a crime
    An undated image of a police vehicle at a scene of a crime
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