Mugumo Tree Falls & Bursts into Flames

  • A mugumo tree in Murang'a County fell and mysteriously burst into flames on Thursday, June 10.

    In a video, locals could be heard expressing shock at what could have caused the huge fire of the strangler fig tree.

    The fall of the Mugumo tree is often considered a bad omen among members of the Agikuyu Community. Once it falls, it cannot be used and is usually left to rot.

    A fallen mugumo tree
    A fallen mugumo tree
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    The incident came just two months after another Mugumo tree fell in 

    The tree was used for hundreds of years by Agikuyu elders at Kwa Njau, Muthure in Kabete in Kiambu County.

    Elders indicated that the fall of the tree might have implied a bad omen likely to befall the community.

    "Mugumo tree has never fallen without a profound reason. It's the only tree which talks and a fall might signal a change of guard or a mighty occurrence," an elder, Mbira Wa Muroki, stated.

    The trees can live up to 500 years and act as an umbrella during drought. It is also believed to provide a sense of peace in the community.

    The preservation of the fig tree dates back to the times when God created the first man (Gikuyu) and woman (Mumbi) on earth and placed them at the Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga shrine.

    The couple chose the Mugumo and Mukurwe trees as their sacrificial trees.

    The tree has therefore been passed down from generations to generations and the Kikuyu community use it to pray.

    Watch the video courtesy of TV47;