How to Plan Wedding with Ksh 20K Budget

A file image of a wedding venue in Nairobi, Kenya
A file image of a wedding venue in Nairobi, Kenya

Planning a wedding can be the most frustrating task for any couple looking to walk down the aisle and formalize their marriage. 

On numerous occasions, most couples break the bank while celebrating the momentous occasion, a factor that may cost them if adequate planning wasn't involved in the beginning.

Hence, this calls for a strict adjustment in order to cut the budget to the right amount and work with a smaller figure - be it Ksh20,000.

Not all weddings need to be grand and spectacular such as the case of billionaire Manu Chandaria who, in 2019, wedded his wife Aruna Chandaria at the Attorney General's office. 

Billionaire Manu Chandaria with his wife Aruna Chandaria at Attorney General's office in 2019
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Speaking to, Diana Muthoni from Kenya Wedding Planners entailed that for a Ksh20,000 budget, the couple should opt for marriage at the registrar's office. 

"Planning a wedding varies from client to client because it depends on the details. What may be considered as a simple wedding for you may not be regarded as a simple wedding by another person," she stated.

According to the wedding planner, the couple would have to fill an online application form through the e-citizen platform. They would then be required to attach the following documents: A copy of the National Identity Card or valid passport, one coloured passport-size photo for each applicant, a copy of the death certificate if either one is a widow or widower.

Other documents needed include a copy of a divorce decree absolute,(if the partner had been married before and is divorced), a sworn affidavit to confirm marital status in the event the divorce decree or the death certificate is more than two years old and also copies of Identity cards or valid passports for two witnesses.

The couple is required to pay a notice fee of Ksh600 and wait for 21 days for the approval of the application.

Once approved, the couple is then required to book an appointment on the online platform in order to appear for an interview and verification of the original documents.

Afterwards, they have to part with Ksh3,300 in order to be given a marriage date by the Registrar of Marriages. A spot check on the AG's website revealed that the marriage should be solemnized within 90 days. Soon after, the couple presents themselves at the office and exchange their vows.

In total the whole process would have taken Ksh3,900.

If the couple is interested in having a brief wedding with invited guests at the Registrar's office, then they would be charged Ksh9,700 instead of Ksh3,300 (in the case of a garden wedding the fee would cost Ksh16,700).

The wedding planner advised that the guest list should be narrowed down to only close family and few close friends- a maximum of ten, five from each side.

The nitty-gritty comes with the choice of the wedding gown-presumed to be one of the most cherished possessions in a lady's life.

In this case, she advised budgeting on a comfortable range for the couple to make sure that the budget is not overstretched. 

A spot check on various wedding gowns for hire services in Kenya revealed that the price of renting a gown could range from as low as Ksh3,000 all the way to Ksh100,000 depending on the sophistication of the gown as well as other factors, such as quality, whether it was locally made.

Speaking to a newlywed, Maureen Mwangangi, she pointed out that a preferential range of around Ksh5,000- Ksh10,000 would be an achievable feat.

For the catering services aspect, it's important to choose a standard hotel whereby the meals would not be a costly affair.

A range of Ksh500 per head would result in a total of Ksh5,400. 

"You know the number of guests, the cost is charged per head, so it's a key factor to consider," she stated.

The planner further urged all hopefuls to do their research in detail in order to consider all aspects involved.

A wedding event.
A wedding event.


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