Meet the Man Behind the Nitakufinya Video

  • A meme of the viral 'Nitakufinya' man
    A meme of the viral 'Nitakufinya' man
  • Social media has been awash with the phrase "nitakufinya" which has circulated online with memes and videos from creative Kenyans poking fun at different facets of life and circumstances using the Kiswahili term.

    However, precious little is known about the man who was originally captured on television during a live interview where he made the utterances that made the statement a trending phrase among Kenyans.

    Aaron Asiba Matendechere lives in informal settlements in Mukuru kwa Njenga slums. Through his two wives, he has managed to sire nine children.

    Speaking to the media, he explained how he was displeased that the interviewee Charles Musyoka was berating Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) for the illegal connections set up around Mukuru kwa Njenga, claiming it had caused him disability.

    A meme of the viral 'Nitakufinya' man
    A meme of the viral 'Nitakufinya' man

    "Previously, Musyoka used to work at a company whereby he got into an accident which broke his fingers. I can attest to this as we have been living in the same area with him for quite a long time.

    "Hence, during the interview, I couldn't stand him lying that the cause of his fingers to be broken was due to an electrocution," Matendechere stated.

    He also sought financial help from Kenyans urging them to assist him in locating a job. Matendechere pointed out that despite the video gaining recognition, he still lived in abject poverty.

    His wife, Orpha Moraa Nyagisera noted that the video attracted mixed reactions online as a section of Kenyans didn't take too kindly to the video.

    "He didn't mean any harm when he made those remarks despite what many people say. I feel that he got misunderstood as some people even wished death upon him," she stated.

    The video originated from a past K24 investigative feature that centered around illegal electrical connectivity in informal settlements.

    Musyoka was being interviewed on the danger posed by illegal connections primarily naked wires before being cut short by a then-unknown man who proceeded to make the nitakufinya reference.

    "Stop talking about electricity matters. Let the people involved to speak about it. Ask the government to give you a job," he stated to which Musyoka replied stating that he already had a job.

    Matendechere would walk away saying Nitakufinya (I will deal with you) to which Musyoka responded 'Finya'.

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