Mixed Reactions as Babu Owino Causes Stir in Parliament

  • Kenyans have expressed mixed reactions at Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino after he caused a stir in parliament by refusing to apologise after he used the word ‘devil’ in his speech.

    During the Wednesday Parliamentary proceeding, Babu was asked by the Deputy Speaker, Hon Moses Cheboi, to withdraw the word and apologise. Instead he, only withdrew the word amid angry calls from Members of Parliament in the house.

    “Mr. Speaker, I will not apologise. For what I'm I apologising? I have withdrawn but I will not apologise. Using the word devil is allowed in parliament,” Babu stood his grounds.

    The Deputy Speaker had to push Babu further but in vain.

    “You see Honourable Babu, I had given you an opportunity to withdraw and you did and I expected an apology for what you said. It's not a word you can substantiate. You will have to apologise,” Cheboi demanded.

    “Why must I apologise. And why are you forcing me to apologise? I have free will to choose what I want to do. Even if you go to heaven, you are always given the freedom to decide and choose,” Babu defended himself as MPs continued demanding for his apology.

    On social media, one Wycliff Atika bashed Babu on Facebook for not heeding the deputy speakers call. 

    If it's in order according to Parliament for you to apologize for any statement that you might have made contrary to the standing orders of the Parliament then you should apologize to show a good example to others Babu,” Atika’s comment read.

    Meica O Collins referred the incident to South Africa opposition leader Julius Malema, claiming that Babu watches a lot of Malema’s video clips, picking ideas from them.

    An enthusiastic M'cOsinjo Ochieng joked of the issue and called upon the Deputy Speaker to apologise to Babu for calling him Awino instead of Owino.

    Some Kenyans questioned his leadership skills and ability, terming the incident childish, while others praised Babu for his wisdom and principles.