Kamene Goro Explains Deleted Post on Mental Health

  • Former Ebru TV News anchor Kamene Goro
    Former Ebru TV News anchor Kamene Goro.
  • Media personality Kamene Goro on Thursday, July 15, came under condemnation from a section of her fans following a statement on mental health that she has since deleted.

    In the statement, Kamene wrote; "Mental health na hamna akili."

    Kamene attracted backlash on social media and trended at number two for the better part of Thursday morning.

    Radio presenter Kamene Goro pictured at a car yard
    Radio presenter Kamene Goro pictured at a car yard

    "There are things we post to communicate to one person. But once it’s out there people completely get it on another different perspective from what we had in mind. That’s why she deleted it," a personality by the monicker Nonooo stated.

    "You should be an able ambassador for real issues that our youth go through each day because you have a platform. Never ridicule people going through various challenges," another netizen weighed in.

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Kamene stated that she had no intention of ridiculing mental health patients.

    "I have also struggled with mental health issues all my life up until today. If anything, I would never joke about it. The post was a joke about people who are 'mindless'," she stated.

    "I didn't mean to troll people with mental health. I don't take mental health issues lightly because it's something I was once diagnosed with," she added.

    Stigmatization around mental health issues has been rampant in the Country with stakeholders asking Kenyans to be more aware of what mental health patients face.

    Mental health illnesses can sometimes lead to suicide. 

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that suicide is the second leading cause of death in low and middle-income Countries.

    Silhoutte figure of man holding a rope
    Silhoutte figure of man holding a rope
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