Family Living Under a Table for Months Receive New House

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    Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiragui (left) in Kisii County where police officers supported a homeless family
  • Well-wishers, Nakuru, and Kisii Police Commanders rescued a homeless family of 12 living under a table in Kisii County. 

    Speaking to Nakuru County Police Commander Beatrice Kiraguri stated that she liaised with her colleague Francis Kooli from Kisii and other officers and built a home for the family. 

    Kiraguri was touched by a feature story aired on Citizen TV in late June 2021, detailing how the couple and its 10 children were sleeping in the cold. 

    "I wondered how I could help - as Beatrice. I did not assist them on my own. Kisii Police Commander - Kooli -other friends and I came together to build the house. I contributed some money to the basket.

    The homeless family in Kisii County

    "After the house was completed, I travelled from Nakuru to Kisii to participate in the handover ceremony. I provided them with food, bedding and other household goods. You can live under a table for two or three days but not for months," the officer narrated, empathising with the family. 

    She added that two children were married off and the couple was taking care of the remaining eight. 

    On July 1, decorated police officer Sammy Ondimu Ngare announced that Kenyans and other well-wishers had by then raised nearly Ksh50,000 to assist the poverty-stricken Kisii family. 

    "Kooli will address the citizens on family planning and we shall also ensure the children are enrolled in school.  

    "Thank you Kenyans and friends abroad for your contributions. The love I have seen from Kenyans is massive," Ondimu posted on his social media pages. 

    While sharing their plight, the family detailed that they would cook outside before retiring in the shanty to rest. 

    They declined to beg on the streets and opted to for the makeshift shelter

    The makeshift shelter which acted as a home for a homeless family in Kisii County