Christine Ambani Was Murdered Before Kidnappers Asked For Ransom

The late Christine Ambani
The late Christine Ambani

Autopsy results from City Mortuary have revealed that Christine Ambani, the 23-year-old student who was killed in Githurai 45 last week was brutally murdered even before the kidnappers could contact her relatives for ransom. 

Ambani's body was retrieved on Tuesday morning from a hotel room in Githurai 45 and her body was taken to City Mortuary.

Autopsy results now show she was stabbed using a knife that went through her chest and neck.

The autopsy was conducted on July 19 and revealed that the knife ruptured through the front part of her neck, resulting in excessive bleeding which later caused her death.

23-year-old Christine Ambani who died of stabbing wounds on July 12, 2021
23-year-old Christine Ambani died of stab wounds on July 12, 2021
The Standard

Ambani who was a student at Kiriri Women’s University is said to have had been visiting her ex-boyfriend in Githurai 45, Kiambu County on Monday, July 12.

She had informed her friend of her meeting with the ex-boyfriend and had indicated that she would have finished the visit by 2 pm as she had to attend an exam at 2 pm that day. She, however, failed to report for her exam which her friend reported was unlike her.

Communication between Ambani and her friend ceased at 7:30 pm Monday, July 12, as the deceased’s phone was no longer reachable. That is said to be the last time anyone heard of Ambani.

According to the Standard, an unknown individual is reported to have taken over her phone and posted a picture of Ambani with a strange message that read, "Emit positivity. Always be happy as tomorrow isn’t promised.” Ambani was pictured smiling at the camera.

Police who analyzed the picture which was posted on Ambani's family WhatsApp group says Ambani looked as if she had been coerced to smile, as she had a grin on her face.

The picture and curious message were swiftly followed by a ramson demand of Ksh87,000 directed to her family.

Detectives believe the ramson demand was sent after Ambani had already been murdered.

The autopsy also revealed that Ambani had visible marks and bruises all over her body, which showed that she had been tortured before being stabbed to death.

Christine will be laid to rest at her parents’ home on Saturday, July 24 in Kakamega County.

A hand holding a knife
A hand holding a knife.
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