8 Prisoners Missing After Daring Escape

  • A simulation of a prison break
    A simulation of a prison break
  • Eight prisoners are still missing after they staged a daring escape from Vihiga Prison on the morning of Friday, July 23, 2021.

    A police report indicated that a total of nine prisoners escaped from prison in the early morning incident during breakfast period.

    One of the officers who was on duty disclosed that he was sandwiched against a wall while he had gone to open the cell occupied by the prisoners.

    The incident occurred at around 6:30 a.m.

    Entrance to Vihiga Prison in Western Kenya.
    Entrance to Vihiga Prison in Western Kenya.

    "Today in the morning, Police Constable Joseph Leteteiya Kamake and PC Isaac Okedi reported on duty as Report office and cell Sentry respectively. At about 0630hrs, prisoner's breakfast was brought. At that time PC Joseph Leteteiya had excused himself and was away.

    "Later, PC Isaac Okedi reported vide OB 5 of 23/7/2021 at  0700hrs, being the cell sentry, that while he was opening the door to one of the cells in order to serve the breakfast, the following prisoners stormed out and sandwiched the officer responsible at the counter," read the statement in part.

    The criminals were Carlson Jiseve who was arrested for assault, Kevin Mujivani for burglary, Nelson Simba (defilement) and Clinton Vidolo (stealing).

    Other were Hillary Pasaka (defilement), Emmanuel Shirisia (assault), Dennis Marava (defilement), Maurice Taabu (grevious harm) and Santos Muhindi (stealing).

    The police mounted a search and managed to re-arrest one of the suspects, Maurice Taabu.

    It was also reported that one of the officer who was leading the search of the suspects accidentally shot himself in the foot.

    "The officer raised alarm whereby officers made a man hunt and managed to re-arrest one Maurice Taabu. In the process one officer, PC Isaac Onchana, attached to K-9 and currently stationed at Serem Police Station, discharged 4 rounds of 7.62mm sp. from his AK 47 rifle while struggling to effect re-arrest.

    "In the process, he accidentally shot himself on the left foot. The escapee prisoner was re-arrested and taken back into custody," continued the report.

    The officer was rushed to Jumuia Friends Hospital, Kaimosi where he received treatment and is said to be in a fair condition.

    A manhunt is still on for the missing prisoners.

    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.
    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.
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