Innocent Makokha's Parents Blame Police For Murder of University Student

  • A collage image of Christine Ambani (left) and alleged killer Innocent Kalio
    A collage image of Christine Ambani (left) and alleged killer Innocent Kalio
  • The parents of the suspected killer Innocent Kalio Makokha blame the police for their son's freedom that led to the murder of Kiriri Women's University student Christine Ambani.

    His parents who spoke to the Standard stated that they thought their son was in jail for the murder of three other people. They maintained that they learnt of his freedom through TV reports.

    Makokha is the main suspect in the death of his older brother, his sister-in-law and their one-year-old son who died after their house was burned down.

    Kalio Makokha suspect Arrested in the Murder of Christine Ambani on Tuesday July 27
    Kalio Makokha Suspect Arrested in the Murder of Christine Ambani on Tuesday July 27

    Police investigations showed that someone poured petrol around the house before setting it on fire. 

    Apollo Kalio told journalists that he is the key witness in the case involving his two sons. The father vowed that Makokha killed the young family after a dispute with his brother and mother.

    Kalio stated that Makokha had threatened his mother after she took a long time to give him the money he had demanded. When she asked him to be patient he turned violent and threatened to harm her.

    He further stated that Makokha was always in trouble even as a teen, adding that he was transferred numerous times due to his undisciplined nature. The father also demanded to know how Makokha was released without his knowledge. 

    Reports indicated that the DPP advised that a public inquest into the matter be conducted. Even before the inquest was conducted and his kin buried, Makokha attacked the grieving family again by disrupting the ongoing burial planning meetings and destroying his family’s property.

    Detectives drawn from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) nabbed Makokha over the murder of the Kiriri Women’s University student on Tuesday, July 27 2021.

    Detailing how the murder plot was executed, DCI stated that Christine left her home planning to meet her boyfriend for a date in Githurai and he booked her in a room in Githurai where he later stabbed her until she bled to death. 

    According to the DCI, Makokha proceeded to impersonate his dead girlfriend and sent a message asking family members to send her Ksh87,000 claiming that she wanted to refund her boyfriend (Makokha) the money he had spent to help her settle in college. 

    23-year-old Christine Ambani who died of stabbing wounds on July 12, 2021
    23-year-old Christine Ambani died of stab wounds on July 12, 2021
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