Relief as KRA Announces Waiver for Kenyans, How to Apply

  • Kenya Revenue Authority Offices along Mombasa Road, Nairobi.
    Kenya Revenue Authority Offices along Mombasa Road, Nairobi.
  • The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has announced a waiver on all penalties and interests for all interested taxpayers with outstanding balances.

    Speaking to Business Daily on Monday, August 9, Commissioner for Domestic Taxes Rispah Simiyu confirmed that the taxman was offering up to 100 per cent waiver on penalties as well as interest.

    She noted that the process of application for the waiver was now simplified and could be done exclusively through iTax.

    Simiyu further explained that with the widening of the application platform, many eligible individuals and companies stood a chance to have the fees waived than before.

    Times Tower Building in Nairobi.
    Times Tower Building in Nairobi.

    She noted that for seven months, the process was exclusively manual hence locking out a huge number of interested applicants.

    "Uptake has been low, perhaps due to inability by taxpayers to lodge their applications on iTax.

    "With the process now automated, it is expected that the uptake will improve since it is convenient and simple to lodge a Voluntary Tax Disclosure Programme (VTDP) application online," read the report in part.

    According to KRA, All the principal taxes must be fully paid before an application can be lodged for consideration for waiver. The taxpayer has to be compliant in other taxes with regard to filing and payment of taxes.

    How to apply for the waiver

    The waiver can be applied in two ways, through the manual process or via the newly updated iTax platform.

    On iTax, interested applicants must log in to their personal or business profiles then head to the Debt and Enforcement tab from where they can request for waiver of penalties and interest on a sub-menu tab.

    On the form are various sections where the applicant is expected to fill including Section A, Section B, their personal information among others.

    The applicants can then download acknowledgement receipt for the waiver application.

    In the manual process, applications are to be presented to the taxpayer’s respective Tax Service Office (TSO).

    All applications should state reason(s) why the taxpayer should be considered for waiver, giving evidence to support each of the reason(s).

    KRA offices in Nairobi.
    A file image of the reception area at KRA offices in Nairobi.