Mombasa Businessman Abducted as Wife & Kids Watch

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    An undated photo of police officers and detectives at a crime scene in Kenya
  • Abdulhakim Salim Sagar, a businessman based in Old Town in Mombasa, was abducted by unknown people who are suspected to be police officers. 

    According to his brother, Faris Sagar, the Wednesday, August 18 incident occurred in Kuze, Old Town in front of Salim's wife and children. 

    He posed a query as to whether the people involved were genuine police officers. 

    Undated image of An entrance to a Police Station
    An image of a police station in Kenya

    "He was heading to his house, which is near the mosque where he prays. A group of seven people who identified themselves as officers confronted him and placed him in a Toyota Hilux double-cabin truck before driving him away," Faris told the Nation. 

    Further, Faris allayed fears of his brother receiving threats and being stalked by unknown people for months. 

    "He was being trailed by unknown people for months. They were driving a Toyota Probox," he stated. 

    The family lawyer, Mbugua Mureithi, pointed out that Salim had in the past been arrested by police on accusations of terrorism-related activities.

    He affirmed that the case is still pending in court and that the family has been following up on the matter. 

    "In 2018, two men were arrested in the Liboi area, one of whom confirmed to be working for Mr Salim as a gas supplier. Later, the officers arrested him (Salim), and we have been following up on the case since then," Mureithi stated.

    The lawyer added that in the ongoing case, only the investigating officer was yet to take the stand. 

    Faris urged for speedy investigations, pointing out that the other two people arrested with Salim in 2018 had gone missing.

    "My brother was charged, but the other two were released due to lack of evidence. But a few months later, the two went missing. No one knows where they are," he stated. 

    An undated image of a police vehicle at a scene of a crime
    An undated image of a police vehicle at a scene of a crime
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