Allan Namu & Partners Launch Kenya's Netflix-Like Platform 

  • Kenyan journalist John Allan Namu.
    Kenyan journalist John Allan Namu.
  • Veteran investigative journalist, John Allan Namu, has partnered with two other players in the media and entertainment industry to create a Netflix-like platform.

    In partnership with The Catapult Agency, and Baraza Lab, Namu's Africa Uncensored created Shahara - an online platform where creatives can earn from their content.

    Shahara, inspired by the Swahili word 'Mshahara' (loosely translated as salary) is a platform that enables people in the creative economy to earn directly from their content.

    An Image of Shahara, an Online Platform which Creatives Will Be Able To Earn Money From.
    An Image of Shahara, an Online Platform which Creatives Will Be Able To Earn Money From.

    Creatives have struggled over the past year to make money from content due to a dwindling economy that has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    In line with this, audiences will be able to directly support the content creators by paying directly for the content they consume on the platform. Each content will cost the consumer USD1 (approximately Ksh100) per episode.

    Shahara will offer producers, content creators, journalists, writers, photographers and other story tellers a lion's share of money earned.

    Africa Uncensored is optimistic that the earnings will help sustain the creatives in their production work.

    Shahara is designed to prove that the road to a thriving creative economy is built by the alliance between a content creator and their audience.

    Renowned creative and Youtuber, Maxine Wabosha, launched the platform's maiden project.

    Her podcast, 'A Letter To My Younger Self', is a series of powerful, reflective interviews with ten Kenyans who are breaking boundaries. 

    Guests on the show write a letter to their younger self at an age that was most impactful to their life’s journey. She hopes to inspire youth to pursue the life they want to live through success and hard work.

    The series features interviews with Grammy award-winning singers and Olympian weightlifters and will feature exclusively on Shahara.

    A Snip Of Maxine Wabosha's Podcast.
    A Snip Of Maxine Wabosha's Podcast.