Jimmy Wanjigi Reveals Why he Keeps Firearms at Home

  • An undated image of businessman Jimmy Wanjigi
    An undated image of businessman Jimmy Wanjigi
  • Business mogul and presidential hopeful, Jimmy Wanjigi, on Sunday, August 29, revealed why he stores firearms at his palatial home in Nairobi's posh Muthaiga estate.

    Wanjigi told Citizen TV during a televised interview that all the weapons are licensed by the government through the Firearms Licensing Bureau.

    The businessman, however, stated that despite holding the assorted firearms for years, he does not carry them at any time.

    "Should a businessman have what looks like a cache of arms at home?" Kaikai enquired.

    Citizen TV anchor Linus Kaikai speaking during an event in 2020.
    Citizen TV anchor Linus Kaikai speaking during an event in 2020.

    "Those are licensed weapons, licensed by the government, as you know there is a renewal process every year," Wanjigi stated, seemingly amused by the query.

    "I am no different from other Kenyans with licenses. I have had licenses for more than 20 years and I do not think that is too bad because I do not carry the weapons on me. I am not a fan of guns at all."

    Wanjigi's gun issue dates back to October 2017, when police officers recovered five pistols, one shotgun, and a military-grade M4 assault rifle. Police at the time stated that they had obtained a search warrant for Wanjigi's home in order to question him over links to the cache of weapons.

    This led to the business mogul filing an application in court claiming that the probe was a failed attempt to settle political scores.

    This came at a time when the country was politically charged due to the nullification of the 2017 Presidential polls. 

    The businessman, in a tell-all interview, further delved into his business background revealing that he started off as a garbage collector and grew his ventures into the current multi-million ones.

    "My first business was garbage collection. I pioneered private garbage collection in this country and started without a penny," he stated.

    Further, he disclosed that the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) was meant to be a Public Private Partnership project that would run from Mombasa to Malaba at a cost of Ksh55 billion.

    He, however, stated that the project's cost rose to Ksh300 billion after it was taken over by the government, connecting the Nairobi and Mombasa cities only.

    "SGR became a government project, the intention was for it to be a public-private partnership. The Chinese had given the money and I suggested it be re-allocated to roads. I am a businessman, I want to make money," he stated.

    Businessman Jimi Wanjigi (left) and Citizen TV's Director of Strategy and Innovation, Linus Kaikai (right) at the former's house in Muthaiga, Nairobi.
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