This Is What You Will Need To Start A School

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    KCPE students sitting national exams in 2019
  • The Ministry of Education has released new guidelines for those seeking to set up basic learning institutions in the country. The new guidelines apply to both public and private institutions.

    For any new institution, the County Education Board must confirm the availability of a site plan, which must then be approved by the Department of Public Works. The department should also approve the suitability of the site.

    The school must have a valid title deed or lease agreement for it to be allowed to carry on with the construction works.

    An undated photo of KCSE students sitting the national exam

    The guidelines require that all basic learning institutions should have two pre-school classes (pre-primary 1 and 2), six classes for primary school, three classes for junior secondary school, and three for senior secondary schools.

    For public basic education, the distance between two-day primary or secondary schools and two boarding schools should not be less than 600 metres.

    To establish a new public primary school in densely populated areas, the nearest existing public primary school should have at least two streams with a minimum population of 480 students.

    For the Arid and Semi-Arid Land (ASAL) areas, the nearest institution should have a minimum of 60 students. In order to adhere to the Health Ministry guidelines, institutions must observe high sanitation standards.

    All ablution blocks should be attached to dormitories that must have ventilated closets and doors that open outwards.

    For mixed schools, washrooms must be in opposite directions and doors should not face fences or roads. Further, there should be at least one disability toilet for each gender.

    The Ministry has also set the minimum land size for the establishment of schools. For pre-primary 1 and 2, the minimum land size ought to be an eighth of an acre. For pre-primary 1 and 2 that also have grades 1, 2, and 3, the institution must at least sit on half an acre and one acre for primary and junior secondary schools.

    At least 3 acres will be approved for the establishment of a whole school and 15 acres will be approved for a teachers training institution.

    In the new guidelines, a county is not allowed to register more than two colleges. Further, the colleges should not be for residential or commercial use.

    The Ministry of Education has warned schools that do not comply with the new standards or have in the past faced exam irregularities will have their licenses revoked. 

    Education CS George Magoha conversing with 2020 KCPE Candidates
    Education CS George Magoha conversing with 2020 KCPE Candidates.