Two Push for Ex-CJ Candidate Justice Said Chitembwe to be Sacked

  • A file image of the judiciary
    A file image of the judiciary
  • Two persons have petitioned the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) seeking the removal of former Chief Justice hopeful Said Juma Chitembwe from the Judiciary.

    In the petition filed on Friday, September 3, Imgard Beige and David Leboo, cited prejudices in a succession case Justice Chitembwe presided over at the Malindi Law Courts.

    The petitioners said in court documents that they have credible information that the judge was influenced in order to dismiss the succession case they had filed and upheld the distribution of the contested property.

    "The judge had a personal interest in the suit property and the objection proceedings were nothing but mere formalities," the petition read in part.

    Justice Chitembwe Said Juma
    Justice Chitembwe Said Juma appearing before the JSC for his interview for the position of Chief Justice on Monday, April 12, 2021

    According to the petitioners, even before the judgment was delivered, the property was transferred and registered in the name of the judge's brother.

    Further, the petitioners claim that Justice Chitembwe used his brother as a proxy to acquire the property.

    The two say they moved forward with their petition after watching reports of Chitembwe's arrest and from their experience on how he handled the case.

    In court documents, the duo indicated that the petition seeks to protect future claimants from corrupt practices and the incompetence of the judge.

    "It is the petitioners firm belief that the Judicial Service Commission will duly consider the issues raised and evidence adduced to see to it that an unjust man is barred from dispensing justice," the petition read in part.

    "The petitioners contend that the judge was involved in gross misconduct and demonstrated the highest degree of incompetence."

    In the court documents, the petitioners asked JSC to consider their suit and forward the same to the President Uhuru Kenyatt, recommending the removal of the judge.

    Justice Said Chitembwe, a shortlisted candidate for the chief justice position
    Justice Said Chitembwe, a shortlisted candidate for the chief justice position