Ruto Allies Launch Fierce Attack on Citizen TV

  • A side by side image of DP William Ruto and Citizen TV studios
    A side by side image of DP William Ruto and Citizen TV studios
  • Deputy President William Ruto's allies have launched scathing attacks on Royal Media Services LTD's Citizen TV over claims of malice and bias against the DP.

    The politicians faulted a report aired by the station on Sunday, September 5, that showed the chaotic scenes during Ruto's tour of Nyeri county. 

    The report alleged that the DP's convoy was stoned by rowdy youths opposed to his visit in Kieni constituency. The allies took issue with the headline "Nyeri Mobs Stone Ruto" claiming that the video did not validate the claims as there was no such occurrence. 

    Kenyans light bonfires along a road in Kieni
    Kenyans light bonfires along a road in Kieni.

    "Citizen TV please show us the clip of the stoning incident, please," Soy Member of Parliament and Ruto's de facto spokesperson, Caleb Kositany, requested.

    Kapseret MP and Ruto's fierce defender, Oscar Sudi threatened to mobilise the DP's supporters to boycott the SK Macharia's Dennis Pritt Road-based television station.

    "I advise the Hustler Nation to desist from watching Citizen TV Kenya. They are taking us back to the dark days of KANU party and KADU where biased news was a norm," Tweeted Sudi. 

    "As Hustlers, we can update ourselves using alternative sources like social media. Hata mlika mwizi iko na kazi yake! (Even the rudimentary phones have their work!)" he added.

    Ruto's political adviser and strategist, Edward Kisiangani, accused the TV station of being openly biased against Ruto.

    "I congratulate Citizen TV Kenya for openly being anti-DP Ruto and fiercely being pro-Raila. Freedom of choice. No problem. Let us wait and see what happens when the people decide 11 months from now!" the political analyst stated.

    The report led to a raucous online where Kenyans affiliated with the DP faulted the station for concentrating on Ruto's woes in their reporting. 

    Other netizens, however, argued that the pro-hustler regime made up baseless accusations against Citizen TV. They noted that Ruto allies should focus on other key issues instead of verbally attacking the station. 

    The attacks come even as political temperatures in the country continue to rise, with the country just 337 days to the General Election. 

    A section of Citizen TV anchors
    A section of Citizen TV anchors
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