Mother of Student Whose Fees Was Paid By Magoha Pleads For More Help

  • Virginia-Nduko-and-Her-Infant-Grandson.
    Virginia Nduko and Her Infant Grandson.
  • The mother of a student whose school fees was paid by Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has called for help from well-wishers.

    Virginia Nduko, a resident of Mukuru Kwa Njenga informal settlements, stated that she was struggling financially despite the Education CS lifting the burden of paying school fees for her daughter. 

    Magoha offered to pay school fees for her 15-year-old daughter during the recently concluded Form One mop-up exercise.

    He assured her that her granddaughter would not miss out on education despite getting pregnant while still in school.

    Education CS George Magoha speaks at a KICD conference in Nairobi on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

    The CS promised that he would pay the girl's entire school fees even in the event that he was no longer in office.

    The parent, however, noted that the 15-year old girl is a teen mother to a 3-month boy who also needs a lot of resources to raise. 

    "I am pleading with anyone willing to at least help me pay for this house," she cried out.

    She confided to a reporter of a local medical station of how she lives from hand to mouth and that she relied on help from neighbours to survive.

    Nduko revealed that she had done a number of menial jobs in order to meet the needs of her family. She disclosed that most times, she offers laundry services in exchange for pay, but she was not guaranteed of getting clients every day.

    She uses the money to buy food for her grandson whom she is forced to carry along when looking for jobs.

    Mama Mwende has asked well-wishers to help her secure a meaningful job so that she can sustain her grandson's upkeep. She added that she was willing to do any job to provide for the infant.

    Nduko's daughter is among thousands of pupils who benefited from the 100 per cent transition programme. The ministry offered to pay school fees for students from humble backgrounds.

    In a twist, headteachers are the stumbling block to the programme as they threatened to send them home should the government not remit the fee money.

    Forms ones lining up during the school's admission process
    Forms ones lining up during the school's admission process