Form One Girl Drops Out After Wellwishers Give Cash for School Fees

  • An undated image of Maureen Chepngeno (center) in the company of Education officials
    An undated image of Maureen Chepngeno (center) in the company of Education officials
    Kenya News Agency
  • A Form One student's admission to High School took a twist after she dropped out despite well-wishers raising funds for her school fees.

    Maureen Chepngeno had initially pleaded for help to get a scholarship noting that she was an orphan and couldn't raise the fees needed to join Form One.

    Her plight was picked up by local administrators who notified officials from the Ministry of Education during the mop-up exercise aimed at ensuring all Form One students reported to their respective secondary schools.

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    The officials facilitated Chepngeno to join St Michael's Secondary School after wellwishers chipped in and raised the required fees. 

    On the day of admission, she pointed out that she sought to drop out of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is after it was discovered that she provided false information to the local administrators and education officials.

    Area Assistant Chief Samson Ng'etich, who had been tasked with verifying all details provided by needy students, discovered that Chepngeno's parents were alive and resided in Nakuru County- contrary to her claims of being an orphan. 

    Further, St Michael's High School principal Christopher Sitienei was shocked to discover that the student could not read and write English properly. 

    Tasked to explain herself, the student alleged that it was her grandmother's idea to falsify the information. 

    She issued an apology to the principal and the education officials, stating that she endeavoured to join a vocational training institute and pursue a course in hairdressing and beauty as opposed to joining secondary school.

    "I am so sorry, I have wasted your efforts to ensure that I am admitted in Form One. I was not ready, it was my grandmother's idea."

    "Despite her raising me and her willingness to have me join secondary school, I am not in a position to read and write in English properly," Chepngeno stated.

    The mop-up exercise conducted by Education CS George Magoha and Co. is part of the 100 percent transition promise made by the government. Currently, 26,000 Form Ones are yet to report to secondary schools within 36 counties.

    Education CS George Magoha conversing with 2020 KCPE Candidates
    Education CS George Magoha conversing with 2020 KCPE Candidates.