Terryanne Chebet: How Kenyan Youth Missed Job Opportunity For Stalking Me

  • Former Citizen TV news anchor Terryanne Chebet in an Instagram post on April 12, 2020
    Former Citizen TV news anchor Terryanne Chebet in an Instagram post on April 12, 2020
  • Media personality Terryanne Chebet has come out to expose how a Kenyan youth missed on an opportunity to work with her for stalking her.

    Through screenshots shared on her social media pages on Tuesday, September 14, Terryanne revealed that she had to turn the applicant down for a job offer despite being qualified.

    Narrating how the applicant approached her, the media personality stated that the job seeker sent her a message on her social media account requesting for an opportunity to work for her, even on an internship basis.

    She gladly accepted by asking the applicant to send his resume. Upon going through it, she realised the job seeker was qualified to take up the role.

    Job seekers queue for an interview in Nairobi in 2018

    However, things went south when she was about to invite him for an interview, only to realise that he had been stalking her by sending seductive messages.

    After going through all the suggestive messages sent by the applicant, Terryanne decided that she could not hire him.

    "A very short story. I'm all about shooting your shot, but not when you're actively job hunting. Got an inbox,  good candidate, mailed him to book an interview, only to scroll up on IG to see messages he had been sending me, which I hadn't seen. The End. Like, The End," Terryanne wrote.

    Her post elicited mixed reactions among internet users for the better part of Wednesday mid-morning to afternoon.

    Responding to one of social media users pleading with her to hire the applicant, Terryanne argued that she cannot work with an intern who has a crush on her.

    "Just another mischievous boy trying a shortcut to wealth. Give him the chance (internship) he has already learnt a life lesson," one netizen wrote in response to her post.

    "Would you work with an intern who has told you she has a crush on you?" Terryanne posed.

    "He totally qualified for the position, I was looking forward to the interview, but I can't hire him based on the sentiments shared," Terryanne noted in a different reply to her followers.

    However, she has promised to link the applicant to other employers stating that he seems like a good candidate.

    "I will connect him with another employer. He seems like a good candidate."

    Former Metropol TV General Manager Terryanne Chebet.
    Former Metropol TV General Manager Terryanne Chebet.