Senior Kenyan Doctor Kills His 2 Babies Through Injection

  • A Fime Image of an Insulin Injection
    A File Image of an Insulin Injection
  • A senior Kenyan doctor based in Nakuru County is accused of killing his two children by means of lethal injection.

    The doctor allegedly injected his two children aged three and five with insulin on Sunday morning, September 19, at their upmarket Milimani home.

    Nakuru Police Boss Beatrice Kiragori confirmed the incident, adding that after administering the fatal injection to his children, the doctor made an attempt on his own life using the same method.

    A silhouette of a couple arguing.
    A silhouette of a couple arguing.

    The doctor reportedly resorted to ending the lives of his own children following a spat between him and his wife. The husband and wife had an argument the previous night over his wife's decision to further her education abroad.

    Officers managed to rescue him in good time and rushed him to the hospital where he is being treated under tight security

    However, his son and daughter were overpowered by the insulin. Their bodies were taken to the Nakuru Municipal mortuary.

    Police have launched a probe into the incident even as they wait for the full recovery of the doctor. 

    The doctor is currently admitted in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Nakuru Level 5 Hospital.

    There has been an alarming rise in the number of children who have passed away at the hands of their parents. Whereas most cases have been seen as acts of vengeance following disagreements between spouses, others have been blamed on the deteriorating mental health in the country.

    On July 26, two children lost their lives in the hands of their mother in Dagoretti, Nairobi after they were strangled to death. According to reports, the mother of three allegedly strangled two of her children to death following a disagreement between herself and her husband.

    In May 2019, a man from Kirinyaga County took the life of his five-year-old son for failing to bring back Ksh135 change when he sent him to the shop.

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