18-Year-Old Kenyan Photographer Selling Images at Ksh60K Per Piece

  • An Undated File Image of A Person Holding A Camera.
    An Undated File Image of A Person Holding A Camera.
  • A young Kenyan photographer took the internet by storm when he shared beautiful wildlife images that he had taken. 

    Dhir Jakharia is an eighteen-year-old wildlife photographer who takes images of animals in their natural habitat.

    His recent share of some of his works through his Twitter handle attracted plaudits and praise from Kenyan and other internet users across the globe.

    Dhir Jakharia
    A File Image of Dhir Jakharia, a Wildlife Photographer

    Jakharia, who asked people to pick the best photo from a collection of images, got multiple comments as many marvelled at his work. In one comment, one admirer asked him how he was able to do such great works at a tender age.

    The unanimous message was that the photos were of top quality and some even advised him to copyright his work. 

    A visit to his website confirmed what the photos would fetch top dollar. Jakharia sells printed copies of his images at $600 (Ksh66,174). This includes a lion with a bloody mouth, which many thought would easily pass for the world photo of the year.

    The teen began taking photographs when he was just 16 years old. Born and raised in Kenya, he added that he only realised the value of the country's nature at a young age. 

    He noted that Kenya, just like many African countries, had been stereotyped as a hub of poverty and low standards of living.

    Dhir decided that he would use his camera lens to tell Kenya's story in a different way. He would do this through wildlife photography.

    He trooped into National Parks, capturing animals in their natural habitat. He went from park to park, and at the click of a camera, he captured the story of his country.

    However, he does not pocket the entire proceeds of the sale of his photos. The young photographer channels 15% of the sales revenue to The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

    The trust is an organization focused on the conservation, preservation and protection of wildlife and habitat.

    A College of Images Taken By Dhir
    A College of Images Taken By Dhir Jakharia
    Dhir Jakharia