Story of Woman Earning Ksh150K Monthly While Living in the Slums

  • An undated file image of Debora Amimo scaling fish.
    An undated file image of Debora Amimo scaling fish.
  • Theoretical physicist Albert Einstein once said that you never fail until you stop trying.

    The adage seems true in Debora Amimo's story which depicts a woman whose sheer determination and resolve charted her way out of abject poverty.

    Living in Karibuni slums in Busia County, Amimo thought her life would crumble when her husband lost his job and could not meet his obligations for catering to their five kids.

    She, however, took up the role of the breadwinner of the family and sought to try many ventures in order to make ends meet. While trying out different businesses, she ventured into fish vending. 

    An undated file image of Busia County
    An undated file image of Busia County

    “I started this business since life was becoming too difficult for my family and me. My husband had just lost his job, and could not meet our kids’ financial obligations including school fees to enable them to further their studies,” she pointed out.

    The business soon gained interest among the locals who became repeat customers for Amimo's business. Currently, she sells over 100 pieces, earning more than Ksh5,000 daily – this amounts to an average monthly income of Ksh150,000.

    The amount, Amimo stated, has enabled her to take her five kids from primary school to university through fish vending. 

    She is also able to pay the house rent, buy food as well as cater for the family's medical bills.

    Karibuni is the largest slum in Busia town with a large population – hence, it provides a huge market for Amimo's venture.

    Further, living in Busia and near the Kenya-Uganda border has allowed Amimo to extend her customer reach to the Ugandan people. This has made it possible for her to run her business smoothly.

    The fish vendor encouraged other women to take up small-scale businesses and not wait on provisions from their husbands. 

     “I want to urge my fellow women to say enough is enough and venture into small businesses which will help them fend for their families,” she stated.

    Fresh fish inside a basket
    Fresh fish inside a basket.