Man Dies Trying to Stop a Market Fight

  • Undated image of a crime scene
    Undated image of a crime scene
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  • A man was on Wednesday, October 14, fatally wounded when he attempted to separate two men fighting at a market place.

    According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the man went to intervene when two traders were engaged in a brawl at the Kieni Barrier Market in Nyeri County. Unlike the other marketers who watched from afar, the victim decided to step in and stop the fighting.

    Amid his quest to end the fight, the victim was ambushed and stabbed with a sharp object on his neck.

    A hand holding a knife
    A hand holding a knife.

    It was not until the assailant pulled out the knife that other traders in the market realised that he had been stabbed. Immediately, blood began gushing from the wound, sending the market into a frenzy.

    The victim, who is yet to be identified and whom the residents describe as peace-loving man, fell to the ground and lay unconscious.

    It was later established that the man who lodged the sharp object into the victim's neck used a kitchen knife tucked in his apparel. The assailant was later identified as by the traders as they work with him.

    A number of marketers, who initially chose to sit on the fence, rushed to the victims aide. They ferried him to the Nyeri County Teaching and Referral Hospital. However, he was pronounced dead on arrival.

    A further probe by investigators into the matter revealed that the man who was fighting with the now murder suspect also sustained stab wounds on his stomach.

    Luckily, his injuries were not as serious. He was also taken to a local medical facility, where he received treatment and was later discharged.

    Police officers responding to the scene arrested the suspect, who had been cornered by the traders. The suspect is currently in police custody awaiting charges.

    Police officers at a kidnapping scene
    Police officers at a kidnapping scene
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