Standstill as Kwale Students Take to The Streets(VIDEO) 

An undated image of Kenyan students protesting hiked school fees.
Kenyan students protesting hiked school fees in August 2017.

Learning was disrupted at Mwamgunga High School in Kwale on Friday, October 22, after the students took to the streets to protest a fee increment and inappropriate food.

Shortly after the students left the school, they were joined by their parents, who complained that the fee was increased without their consent.

The parents, together with their children, paralysed activities at the Kombani - Kwale highway, causing a huge traffic snarl-up on the road for over three hours. 

The parents say that the disappointment began when their children were sent home, yet they knew that they had cleared the amount given earlier by the administration. 

An undated image of Maseno students boycotting classes.
An undated image of Maseno students boycotting classes.

“My daughter is in form three. I had cleared her fee but later on, she was sent home. I added a bursary of Ksh3,000 but I’m still being told that I’m yet to clear with the finance office,” one parent angrily remarked. 

The parents say that the school has been completely unbearable for their students since they do not have food, water and appropriate lavatory facilities. 

“Even the toilets are closed because they have no water. To use them, a student has to come with water from home. How is that fair?” another parent posed. 

The parents proceeded to say that the school does not provide their children with good meals, forcing them to stay hungry until they get back home.

Speaking to the media, the parents noted that they had reported the issue to the Kwale County Education Office but no action had been taken.

The parents accused the school principal of brushing off the issue and that she was just tricking the parents into paying the unauthorised fees

“These parents do not want to pay school fees. There’s nothing else they are addressing. This is something they planned long ago, but unfortunately, it backfired,” noted the school principal. 

She proceeded to say that this is not new because the parents haven’t been clearing fees arrears, and that she was not going to drop the directive. 

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