Drama as Parents Storm School Over Recurrent Fires (VIDEO)

Undated image of Sigalame High school
Undated image of Sigalame High school

An uproar arose on Wednesday, October 27, when parents stormed Sigalame Boys Secondary school in Busia County on account of an upsurge in fire incidences this year. 

The school has reported four incidents in 54 days. The first incident was reported on July 26, the second and third incidents on August 10 and August 15. 

On September 21, the school was closed indefinitely after a fire destroyed the fourth dormitory in less than two months after the third fire. At least 1,780 students were indefinitely sent home after the incident. 

Following the occurence, the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) ordered the students to stay home until investigations into the matter were concluded.

undated image of Sigalame secondary school on fire
undated image of Sigalame secondary school on fire

 "We decided to send the learners home until the principal and his deputy assure us of their safety. It can't be that every time dormitories will be burning and no action is taken. What if the dorm burnt in the middle of the night?" the school's Parents Teachers Association Chair, Ndombi Mungolo, posed.

Parents stormed the school demanding answers following the continuous reports of the incidences. However, the security guards refused to open the gate, which fueled their anger, forcing some to slam the gate in anger and threatened to open it by force. 

In the video, one parent can be seen continuously remarking that the school wanted to kill their children while another could be heard shouting that they are tired of the fire incidences every now and then. 

Stephen Baringo, the western regional education director, had previously stated that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) was looking into the matter to determine the cause factor of the continuous trend. 

The school principal had earlier accused a section of the parents and neighboring communities of being behind the fire incidences. 

However, the regional education director dismissed the allegations stating they were mere speculations.

Over the past few months, several fire incidents have been reported in secondary schools. 

Relevant authorities have issued stern warnings to students who have involved themselves in criminal activities in institutions following the repeated reports of school fires in different schools.


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