Meet Kenyan Pastor Employed in US Army 30 Minutes After Applying

  • An undated image of a US Army in war.
    An undated image of a US Army in war.
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  • Do you remember when you last applied for a job online? Can you also remember how long it took the company to get back to you? 

    Well, George Okoth, a United States based Kenyan chaplain has always had an interesting story to tell, after he was employed 30 minutes after sending in his application. 

    Okoth, who was born in Kenya, began his theology career as a teacher in the seminary, while still in Kenya. 

    Teaching in the seminary opened the door for him to serve as a priest in the US. 

    “Through that, I got a chance to get what is called sabbatical, to go to the states to help in a diocese,” Okoth narrated in a recent interview. 

    An undated image of pastor George Okoth(left) and a US soldier
    An undated image of pastor George Okoth(left) and a US soldier
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    He proceeded to state that while he was serving there, the Bishop together with other members, was impressed with his dedication. 

    “The Bishop and the diocese were impressed with my services, and my Bishop was requested to let me serve in the diocese. That was the beginning of the journey,” he stated. 

    Okoth added that while serving as a priest, some soldiers would come to the diocese and tell him that they needed priests in the army. 

    “I would say that those were the very first voices that called me to serve in the army,” he stated. 

    He continued conversing with the soldiers as they came to the parish, and finally decided to go online and apply for the position of a pastor in the army. 

    “I went online, filled in my name and in 30 minutes, someone called me from the army asking me if I was a priest,” he shared. 

    The pastor stated that after the call, the man would frequently contact him, organizing on how he can begin his job in the army. 

    The following day, the pastor was called and told that he got the job, and could start serving immediately. 

    “Many people tried to discourage me, but I was focused. I sent in my resignation to the parish and they accepted it,” he stated. 

    Okoth states that he has served in the US army for 15 years, but he feels as if he started working yesterday. 

    “Working in the army is not easy, but it is worth it. When you love what you do, it is no longer a job, it becomes a calling,” he remarked

    He proceeded to express that he loves his job, and serving in the army gives him a chance to visit Africa frequently, which makes him feel at home. 

    “What has really kept me going is that my time in the army has brought me to Africa. I have been to Liberia and whenever I see African people, I remember my family, and that gives me the strength to keep going,” he stated.

    An undated image of a church in Kenya
    An undated image of a church in Kenya
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