Why Nanyuki is Becoming Favourite Getaway Town

  • Woman swimming in Ngare Ndare Waterfalls on June 15,2021
    Woman swimming in Ngare Ndare Waterfalls on June 15,2021
  • Nanyuki exudes understated elegance, evident from its beautiful vicinity to its breathtaking sceneries. The small town located in Laikipia County has grown to become more than an ideal weekend destination.

    Deriving its name from the Maasai phrase Enkare Nanyukie a variation for the term ''River of Blood" - the area has gained so much popularity locally and internationally. 

    But, have you ever asked yourself why the area has such a buzzing sensation? Apart from hosting a military base did you know that you could have some amazing time in Nanyuki? With the holidays fast approaching Kenyans.co.ke decided to comb through the small town in search of what it has to offer. 

    Here are some of the amazing places that offer fun and frolic.

    Royal Cottages 

    Nanyuki has a  perfect place for those who would want to wallow in a blissful escape from the hustle and tussle of daily activities. It has cottages that are beautiful and iconic offering exemplary customer services and whose interiors are well done to perfection offering aesthetically pleasing scenes. The cottages range from Ksh8,000 to Ksh10,000 per night, however, the executive suite costs 15,000 per night.

    An Image of Aberdare Prestige and royal cottage in January 2020
    An Image of Aberdare Prestige and royal cottage in January 2020

    Mt Kenya Hike

    The hike, commonly known as Mount Kenya Trek, offers room for hiking across the Mt Kenya terrain. It provides a perfect hiking experience across the mountains. You can tag along your friends and family for a more magical experience.

    You do not have to worry about altitude sickness because the area has certified guides who are friendly and qualified enough to cater for you. 

    The area charges start at Ksh15,000 for a three-day package, which covers the entrance fee together with the camping fees. 

    Image of tourists climbing Mt Kenya through Naro Moru Route dated January 2020
    Image of tourists climbing Mt Kenya through Naro Moru Route dated January 2020

    Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy

    The place has beautiful scenery where you can watch some of the wild animals, for those interested in animals conservancy you can enjoy the perfect interaction with some of the animals at the center. There are animals such as Rhinos, zebras, antelopes and the buffaloes

    The entrance fee is Ksh1,500 for adults whereas entrance is free for children below the age of 12.

    Animals at a conservancy in February 2020
    Animals at a conservancy in February 2020

    Amazing Nature Trails 

    The town has amazing nature trails within reach. Areas such as Naro Moru are packed with activities that you can take part in such as biking, team building, sports, and bird watching.

    The area has beautiful scenic views that is beyond compare.Those accompanied by friends and family can participate in group activities such as team-building. The area also has space for bicycle riding you across the routes.

    Image of Naro Moru nature trail dated February 2020.
    Image of Naro Moru nature trail dated February 2020.

    High-end luxurious hotels 

    Nanyuki has high-end luxurious hotels such as the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club, Ol Pejeta House, Sweet Waters Serena Camp among other big luxurious names in the region. They provide a unique blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure. In addition to that, the hotels offer luxurious accommodation with a very magnificent sight to see. 

    For most of the hotels, the price range is Ksh15,000 per night whereas some such as the Ol Jogi ranch costs Ksh4.5 million per night.

    Fairmont hotel dated February 2020
    Fairmont hotel dated February 2020

    Farm Ranches 

    Nanyuki is one of the towns in Kenya with the best farm ranches that do not only have a  beautiful atmosphere and ambience but also provide a unique class of elegance, which has prompted some visitors to purchase and convert them into holiday homes. 

    The ranches also provide lodging services which provide exemplary accommodation and friendly customer services.

    Some also visit to buy land for their retirement homes.

    Ol Jogi ranch located in Nanyuki ,dated january 2020
    Ol Jogi ranch located in Nanyuki , dated January 2020

    Ngare Ndare

    Ngare Ndare offers activities such as swimming at the waterfall, rock climbing, canyoning as well as game drives in the forest .You can also enjoy sightseeing the animals as they go about their activities.

    The charges are Ksh2,000 for regular citizens whereas non-residents pay Ksh4,000. Children between the age of 10 and 15 years pay half of what the adults pay. In addition to that one is required to pay an extra Ksh1,000 which is given to the tour guide.

    Tourists trailing across Ngare Ndare On June 16 ,2016
    Tourists trailing across Ngare Ndare On June 16,2016

    Day Trips and Excursions 

    Nanyuki is the home of unforgettable experiences, there is an uncountable number of activities such as tours and sightseeing, show excursions as well as sightseeing the beautiful landscapes of Nanyuki. With the amazing landscapes and beautiful scenes, you could also indulge in nature photography with friends and family.

    Ngare Ndare forest reserve February 2020
    Ngare Ndare forest reserve ,February 2020

    Big Five Safari 

    There are wonderful wildlife destinations such as the Ol Pejeta conservancy that offer the safari experience. One of the major attractions in Nanyuki is the rare white and grey rhino.In addition to that there are cheetahs, lions, elephants, giraffes, waterboks as well as the Zebras.The place also has a beautiful spectacular scenery of the Great Rift Valley. 

    Lion Ian before collaring on June 4 ,2020
    Lion Ian before collaring on June 4 ,2020
    Tim Collins

    If you are reading this you are probably looking for a unique town to visit, however , one has to bear in mind that Nanyuki is a very expensive town.