Black Friday 2021: Where to Get Best Deals

  • An image portraying a laptop and a shopping cart.
    An image portraying a laptop and a shopping cart.
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  • Black Friday is back, and guess what, I bet your wallet is begging for attention.

    The festive season is fast approaching and in typical Kenyan spirit, consumers have been raking through countless promotions online and in brick-and-mortar stores, to jump onto the Black Friday bandwagon.

    But before you rush to spend your money through impulse buying, compiled a list of the most popular online stores that are currently offering the biggest discounts for products based on consumer preferences, by peeking at what they search for the most online.

    An image of television sets displayed in an electronics shop
    An image of television sets displayed in an electronics shop
    Nairobi News

    According to research conducted on Twitter by user BeiyaUkweli, Jumia, Kilimall and Anko Retail are among the retailers who have announced promotions in the Black Friday campaigns and they have hence tallied differences in prices of products on their retail sites.


    Kilimall leads in offering the best prices for the fastest-selling television sets, with the cheapest 32-inch smart-entry level TV retailing at Kshs13,499.

    The online retailer also offers the cheapest prices for dispensers, with prices trading at Ksh 2,299.

    Additionally, kitchen appliances such as table top cookers are priced at Ksh 1,600, compared to other retailers whose prices start at Ksh 2,750.

    Mobile phone prices at Kilimall range between Ksh 8,000 for the lowest price to Ksh 30,000 as the highest price, slashed from a bidding price of Ksh 35,000.


    When it comes to smart televisions, Jumia has unbeaten offers from Ksh 26,345 for a 43-inch smart TV, and Ksh 46,735 for a 55-inch smart TV. Normally, these items sell at Ksh 33,000 and Ksh 52,000 respectively.

    The retail shop also offers amazing deals for audio systems, with the cheapest speaker going for Ksh 999 and subwoofer prices going for as low as Ksh 2,494.

    For kitchen appliances, the offers for a stand-alone cooker are as low as Ksh 18,900, which is a bargain as many retailers are offering prices that start at Ksh 23,000.

    Anko Retail

    The online retailer prides itself in offering the best discounts in small kitchen appliances, such as blenders and electric kettles.

    A mini-blender on the site retails at Ksh 995, and a normal-sized blender retails at Ksh 1,699 while an electric kettle retails at Ksh 750.

    Anko Retail also offers the cheapest prices in cookware, with a 10-piece cookware set selling at Ksh 11,900.

    According to the twitter poll, the online retailers are also categorised by their delivery timeliness, with Anko Retail coming in first, as their delivery is promptly done on the same day in Nairobi, and the estimated delivery upcountry is done within 48 hours of purchase.

    Kilimall comes in at a close second with their delivery done within 24 hours after purchase within Nairobi, and about three days to upcountry. Jumia takes the longest time to deliver, with the retailer taking an estimated five days to deliver in the city, and seven days to deliver upcountry.

    November is popular in the Kenyan retail scene, as many save up huge chunks of money to maximise on these deals that run throughout the month, in a bid to get the most they can off the little cash they have.

    In fact, the ultimate Black Friday which is set to happen on November 26 in the coming week will mark the beginning of Christmas shopping, and hence Kenyans are gearing up to fritter away their hard-earned cash. November 26 also marks the end of the promotion.

    Looking at online searches made by Kenyans during the month of November, Jumia Black Friday topped the list with a whooping 27,100 searches, with television sets, audio systems, and kitchen appliances  following in the list as most prefered products.

    Televisions sets in particular amassed over 8,000 searches in November's average monthly search , with audio systems, cookers and water dispensers following with 3,600, 2900 and 1600 searches respectively.

    Kenyans are hence urged to be mindful as they take advantage of those mind-blowing deals, seeing that the economy is always fluctuating and they might not afford those items in the coming future.

    A photo of people at a Nairobi supermarket for shopping on Friday, March 13, 2020.
    People flock a Nairobi supermarket for shopping on Friday, March 13, 2020.