Footage Captures Businessman's Abduction in Nairobi in Broad Daylight

  • A footage of the incident of an Ethiopian businessman abducted in Nairobi on Friday, November 19.
    A footage of the incident of an Ethiopian businessman abducted in Nairobi on Friday, November 19.
  • Police officers based in Kilimani, Nairobi, are investigating the disappearance of an Ethiopian businessman who was last spotted on Friday, November 19.

    Footage of the incident surfaced online, showing Samson Tekklemichael being picked up by people believed to be police officers.

    In a clip seen by, a traffic officer holds the door of the businessman's Bentley as he is accosted by two people to an awaiting vehicle.

    Tekklemichael can be heard pleading with witnesses to record his abduction. His wife, Milen Mezgebo, stated that minutes after the capture, she received a phone call from her husband who notified her of the unfortunate turn of events.

    "He called me and told me that he's been abducted by people he did not know. After that, the phone got disconnected and he's been offline since," she stated.

    The abductors left the Bentley parked in the middle of a road in Kileleshwa before the businessman's wife was notified by a friend to pick up the vehicle. 

    Mezgebo affirmed that her husband is a reputable businessman who exports gas cylinders to Ethiopia. She wondered why the abductors did not follow the due process if her husband is involved in any irregularities.

    Kilimani police boss Andrew Muturi stated that the matter is being investigated by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives. 

    "Police say that they are investigating but they have not gotten any substantial leads.. This means that we are not safe here," Mezgebo stated, pointing out that she had already reported the matter at the Ethiopian embassy.

    The incident adds to the growing list of businessmen who have disappeared in the recent past under unclear circumstances. 

    According to a report by an NGO, Independent Medico-Legal Unit, more than 20 people have disappeared since January 2021, whereby in most cases, the bodies surfaced days later either along river banks or forests. 

    This has led Human rights groups to call for swift action to be taken to bring the culprits to book, with the police also being put on the spot. 

    Police Officers at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi on Wednesday, November 27, 2019
    Simon Kiragu