Benji Ndolo Protests After Losing Ksh 3M Luxury Car in Nairobi CBD

  • Political activist Benji Ndolo (left) protests along Ngong Road and the car the was repossessed by his car dealer.
    Political activist Benji Ndolo (left) protests along Ngong Road and the car the was repossessed by his car dealer.
  • Political analyst Benji Ndolo has revealed that he lost an Audi Q7 luxury car to auctioneers within Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD).

    In an exclusive interview with on Tuesday, November 23, Ndolo described it as an unjust act and that he was determined to ensure that what happened to him does not happen to another car owner.

    Earlier in the day, he posted a photo of himself protesting with a placard along Ngong Road reading, "I lost over Ksh3 million here. Warning! No other Kenyan should go through this."

    The trouble began in 2017, at the height of the then General Election when Ndolo, in an effort to promote local businesses, decided to buy an Audi Q7 from his friend's car yard.

    A file image of Political analyst Benji Ndolo
    A file image of Political analyst Benji Ndolo
    Benji Ndolo

    At the time, Ndolo claims he had a Prado which he decided to sell in order to buy the Audi.

    "Sometimes in 2017, I approached a friend of mine. He was someone that I knew because I was a neighbour of his business premises. At that time, car dealers were facing a tough time and some were considering removing all the vehicles from the yard because of the altercations.

    "I had a Prado, I sold it. I gave him Ksh1 million in cash. He told me thank you so much my brother, just take the vehicle. and just pay me," he noted.

    He noted that he paid the entire car's cost of Ksh3.3 million within that year but trouble started after the dealer found out where he worked.

    "Within that year, I had already paid him Ksh3.3 million shillings in cash but when he realised where I worked, because I was advising the Auditor General as a senior communications advisers, he got greedy.

    "After giving me valuation, he asked me to pay him an extra Ksh2.2 million in interest. You see that is totally unacceptable. There is no basis for that within one year," he added.

    The case was then moved to court and is still ongoing. At the beginning of the case, Ndolo states, the magistrate had given orders that held the car until the issue was resolved.

    In the course of the hearing, however, the orders were vacated allowing the dealer to repossess the car, an exercise that involved seven individuals and took place outside Kipande House.

    "That spot where I was protesting at is where I made my payments. The car was taken outside Kipande House. The day that happened, there was a crowd formed. They were about 7 and were extremely rude. 

    "It is unbelievable that Kenyans are going through this kind of thing. It is wrong to sell someone a vehicle, take that amount of money and take the same vehicle. Once he did that, he hid the vehicle in Kiambu Road, he then brought it to his premises, removed the number plates, resprayed it a different colour and sold it again," he explained.

    "The Central Bank has not authorised any dealer to do this kind of thing. There is a digital lenders bill which is actually an act awaiting Presidential assent so that we can live in a sane country," he concluded.

    Used cars yard.
    A used cars yard.