Father of Suspect in BBC Manager Murder Issues Demands to Police

  • File Photo of The Late Tamati Mauti Prime Suspect in the Murder of BBC Journalist
    File Photo of The Late Tamati Mauti Prime Suspect in the Murder of BBC Journalist
  • The father of the prime suspect in the murder of a BBC manager has issued demands to the police.

    Dan Mauti, the father of Tamati Mauti, started by rejecting the autopsy results arguing that they were inaccurate.

    His son was named as the main suspect in the murder of the BBC employee whose body was found in a hotel in Westlands area of Nairobi County.

    Tamati was also found dead with preliminary reports indicating that he jumped from the 8th floor room where the BBC journalist had booked a room.

    Kate Mitchell BBC Manager Who Was Found Dead in Nairobi Hotel
    Kate Mitchell BBC Manager Who Was Found Dead in Nairobi Hotel

    The father maintained his son's innocence arguing that the narrative circulating in the media does not align with the post-mortem results.

    In a list of his demands, he wants the police to detail how his son jumped from the building and ended up sustaining only minor injuries.

    According to him, there is no way Tamati could have jumped from such a high place and only suffer minor injuries.

    "I want to be shown people who jumped from the eighth floor, hit the ground, and then sustained such minor injuries," he demanded.

    He described his son as a very kind person who was not capable of committing such a heinous act.

    “My son was a very kind murderer who could go into a room and lock the door, murder someone very effectively - he is the one who locked the door, I hear - then break the window and jump over from the eighth floor, to whatever floor they say. If he could access the room, lock it, kill the person, why could he not just open the door again and walk out?" wondered the father.

    He directed the police to give a clear version of what really transpired.

    "Someone just called, telling me, your son is no more. Before I digest how, where, when, the following day, my son is a murderer in a hotel. The story is everywhere and circulated everywhere."

    "We have deep questions. Where is this hotel? What was their connection to my son? How many times has my son been at the same hotel?" posed the father.

    He also poked holes at police reports about his son planning a wedding yet his relationship with the BBC journalist was not made clear to the public.

    "If reports can be made about his fiancée and the planned wedding, why are we not mentioning anything about this British national? Who was she? What was she doing here? How did they come into contact?"

    The late Tamati, according to his father, will be laid to rest on December 1.

    "My son is going to be buried on December 1, and I want people to come and see what kind of people will be there. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are," he concluded.

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