UK CEO Resigned After Heartbreaking Kenyan Experience, Now Bringing Back Millions

  • Wildlife Enthusiast Margaret Raggett (right) and Henry Mwape from Zambia.
    Wildlife Enthusiast Margaret Raggett (right) and Henry Mwape from Zambia.
    Travel Awaits
  • In 2014, Wildlife enthusiast, Margot Raggett, could not stomach what she saw in Kenya and decided to quit her job as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a successful company in London, UK.

    At the time, Raggett was visiting Kenya pursuing her love of wildlife photography, when she bumped into a carcass of an elephant that was a victim of rampant poaching.

    Gutted from the experience, the former CEO vowed to raise funds to boost wildlife conservation activities in Africa.

    She developed an idea in which she would combine high quality wildlife photographs into a book, sell it and use the proceeds to fund wildlife activities.

    Wildlife Enthusiast Margaret Raggett during a past game drive
    Wildlife Enthusiast Margaret Raggett during a past game drive.
    Margot Raggett Photography

    She then reached out to renown photographers and asked them to donate photos towards her initiative for the continent's good, “the most beautiful book on a species ever seen,” as she termed it.

    Raggett later embarked on a photo collection spree and in 2016, the first book dubbed 'Remembering Elephants' was published.

    “Five years ago, I wrote to Sir David and said I wanted to raise Ksh112 million (US$1 million), (as per todays inflation rates) for conservation through books which would help protect those animals.

    "I’m determined to hit that target and I can’t break a promise to my idol!” Stated Raggett as part of her inspiration according to Travel Awaits, an outlet for travel enthusiasts.

    The first book was successful and Raggett turned it into a series. She published four additional books in a span of five years.

    The project sold a combined 32,000 copies worldwide, cultivated a global fanbase and grossed Ksh123 million (US$1.1 million).

    A part of the fanbase includes well known celebrities such as Russell Crowe, Michelle Pfeiffer and Pierce Brosnan.

    The proceeds have over the period been given out to 55 conservation projects in 24 countries with Kenya, Malawi and South Africa included.

    Worldwide, only about 500,000 elephants are alive.

    A heard of elephants in Kenya
    A heard of elephants in Kenya