Switch TV Anchor Quits as Channel Ceases On-Air Broadcast

  • File image of a news set at Switch TV studios in Nairobi
    File image of a news set at Switch TV studios in Nairobi
    Switch TV
  • A popular Switch TV presenter has announced his decision to quit ending his two-year stint as the channel ceases on-air broadcast.

    Through a detailed post shared on his social media page on Friday, December 31, Fredrick Muitiriri announced his departure from the Red Cross-owned station.

    He noted that his decision to quit was informed by the channel's move to cease on-air broadcasting thus closing the newsroom.

    In a statement dated Friday, December 10, the media group Chairman, Sahil Shah, stated that they will be focusing on the digital space a move that has informed his decision to quit.

    Fredrick Muituiriri Switch TV News Anchor
    Fredrick Muituiriri Switch TV News Anchor

    Muitiriri added that during his tenure at the station, he was privileged to lead a team of over 25 individuals in producing accurate and timely news content.

    "After almost two years serving Switch TV Kenya, lights have been switched off. It's an end of an era. As some may be aware, the station has moved on to a different direction which meant closing down of our Newsroom," part of his statement read.

    He added, "I was honoured and privileged to lead a team of more than 25 young, innovative, smart, creative, and extremely hard-working individuals, who I'm sure, will excel in whichever field God will lead them to."

    He went on to pen an emotional appreciation note to former Switch TV presenter Tamima Ibrahim who gave him the opportunity to lead the newsroom in its operations.

    "I remember, when my then boss, Tamima Ibrahim, gave me the responsibility of leading the small newsroom(I had applied for a totally different and lower position), I was a bit hesitant because I didn't know what that meant. "

    He went on to announce his milestones and achievements in the stations which included winning several awards.

    "With extremely minimal resources, we were able to do some amazing work which we are extremely proud of. God heard our prayers. He has been gracious and faithful, holding our hands and guiding our steps. That was confirmed by the several awards we won mid this year from Communication Authority of Kenya through KUZA awards including People's Choice TV station of the Year!"

    Prior to his move to Switch TV, Muitiriri used to work at Royal Media Services ,Inooro TV, before he was affected by the retrenchment.

    Before joining Inooro TV, he worked for the Standard Group owned station Radio Maisha as a news and continuity presenter.

    John Muituiriri During his time at Inooro TV Station
    John Muituiriri During his time at Inooro TV Station