Viral Video of Kenyan Elephant Preserving Food Goes International [VIDEO]

  • A file image of Latika after she was rescued.
    A file image of Latika after she was rescued.
    Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • A Kenyan elephant named Latika has attracted international attention after a video of the young calf showcasing rare food preserving skills went viral on social media.

    In the video posted by Sheldrick Trust on January 2, Latika was filmed picking grass and putting them on her head. In the video caption, the wildlife trust explained that the elephant occasionally used the skill to save food for future meals.

    The organisation also revealed that the calf is an orphan and adapted the skill after it was separated from its family.

    An image of Latika being rescued by wildlife officers on October 10, 2021.
    An image of Latika being rescued by wildlife officers on October 10, 2021.
    Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

    "Latika always saves some for later. She stockpiles extra lucerne and greens in the most convenient place -atop her head!," the wildlife Trust stated.

    Additionally, Sheldrick went ahead to disclose that the calf was rescued in October 2021 after it was left behind by the herd who were searching for food during the dry season.

    "We can understand why Latika doesn’t take this bounty for granted. We rescued her after an abandoned calf was reported with a snare slicing into her neck.

    "Like so many orphans of this brutal dry season, and undoubtedly exacerbated by the snare, Latika was left behind when she could no longer keep up with her herd," the trust explained 

    The elephant was put up for adoption. Individuals interested in adopting her will pay Ksh5,659 per year.

    "We named her Latika, after the area near where she was rescued. We will never know exactly what happened to Latika. Perhaps she was rooted to the snare, and only after her family was forced to leave her behind was she able to break free,"

    "Latika has a future and a family with us and you can become part of her herd by adopting her!" the trust added.

    After the video was posted, various international media including Hindustan Times, an Indian-based English newspaper picked the story.

    Consequently, online users across the world took to social media to marvel at the elephant’s rare skill, stating that she would be adopted quicker than expected. 

    "This seriously made me laugh out loud!! Latika is a very clever girl. Every time I think you've shown us the cutest video in the world, you top yourself!" a social media page dubbed happy dog commented.